Love...Always Protects

Love always protects...

What comes to mind when I think of love always protecting? Hmmm? There are quite a few things actually that come to mind right away for me. I am gonna go over a few of the things that spark to thought when the phrase 'love always protects' comes to mind for me. Will you bear with me?

(1) God has shown me love through protecting me. He has kept me safe. His love for me is endless, and it is in that love that His loving arms protect and surround me...always. I think of my future spent with Him, by Him offering me, a sinner, salvation through the blood of His Son. That act of torture and atonement for us His chosen ones...Jesus on that cross...that cross screams "HIS LOVE ALWAYS PROTECTS YOU!" The cross...blood stained...and oh what a brutal way to die for the world! Jesus Christ loved us so much that he threw himself body, mind and soul into the hands of His Father in trusting that His Father's love for him would protect himself and protect himself. Crucified for you and I...that our lives may be preserved, protected in love, and will remain spent with our Father, forever, when we leave this world and head Home! Now that is an act of love...He is always protecting!

{Raoul embracing Christine, telling her that he loves her and will always be there to protect her.}

(2) I think of Jared. I think about how my love for him needs to always protect him and his heart. There are boundary lines, there is accountability, and there is love in our protecting and guarding each others hearts. God is at the forefront and head of our relationship together...we both let God keep our hearts in check...and He always protects us in our love for one another. There is love to be given, there is our love to be protected for both Jared and I.

(3) Thirdly, I think of how klutzly I am. How I need to be picked up from my trips, and outright smack down chance meetings with the floor/ground. I think about how when Jared was here for Christmas Eve last year I slipped on the snow/ice in my Grandparents' front yard, not once but twice, and both times my love caught me. He caught me, held my arm and side near to him lovingly so as to not let me start to fall again a third time. I need to be protected from the falls of life as a klutz, as well as the literal ones. When my heart seems to fall I know that I have a loving protecting Saviour-friend to love me.

I think of how love has protected me so many times. God & Jesus Christ: have always been there for me since the beginning of time, loving me, protecting me...even to the point of death to protect me in His mighty endless love. My family: has taken care of me, protected me and taught me to hide myself in the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91:4 & 5), away from the world, and set apart. Jared: he protects my heart daily, he catches me when I fall, he prays for protection over me, and he loves me for who I am. I feel so blessed to know that love protects me, my heart, my klutzy self, my family, friends and my boyfriend!

His Love protects keeps you and I always
-Daughter of the King

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