She Must Make Her Move (The Post Grad)

She thought life would be easy peezy lemon squeezy.
Thought she could wait & wait & fate would drop on in.
She has come to realize, she must stand up & fight.
She must fight for the future, for her dreams & for her love.
A stark revelation that she has to step out. Her mind shouts: NO!
She has to take a step, hold her breath, release & then breathe in deep.
She has to take the steps, walk her way up the stairwell of life.
She can't sit all petrified & the like, not willing to make her move.
She's got to...she's got to do it. She must go all the way.
She's gotta take a chance...take the step, stepping out in blind faith.
It's true, He has faith in her...there is hope for her.
Her King believes in her! Hope always hopes. Love always loves.
Yielding to the fear won't get her anywhere.
Why is this time any different? How will she make a move?
Perseverance & love is hers for the taking.
Now it's time for her to stake it all, even if she must fall.
In perseverance, faith & hope...she'll make her move.
Her future lies in Him...& is His for the taking!
God guide her, & let her time here on earth be a life lived for you.
Lead her, & deem her life purposed & true.

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