Time Bleeds

  • I wish I could slow down the time when we're together.
  • Where does it all go...it seemingly disappears?
  • If time would but freeze, then I'd never have to let you go.
  • The miles apart, only make my heart grow fonder...missing you more.
  • It breaks me into pieces every time you walk out that door, and with every time I have to wave goodbye and drive away, my heart bleeds.
  • I tell you this not to make your heart feel pained or distraught.
  • I tell you so that you might know the depth of my love.
  • When you walk out the door, a piece of my heart goes with you.
  • The time that seems to be stolen from you and I...it bleeds me dry.
  • I'll take every moment I can get, and when we're apart I'll hold them close to my heart.
  • Time may bleed me dry when I'm away from you, but I will never let go...let the blood flow.
  • I won't let time separate you and I, nor will I let it bleed me completely dry.

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