30 Day Challenge - Day 10

{image via: Hellokittyjunkie.com}

Day 21 -
{Something I know I do differently than most people}
Okay, so something I know that I definitely do differently than most people is how I take my socks off. Yep, I'm talking about sock removal off said gal's feet! lol Most people would probably just take them off with their hands real quickly without thinking about it, but I use my big toes to take off my socks and when I am done my socks are wrapped within one another in a nice little ball. This is just one of my habits/quirks that I do the way I do though, because I have many of them to go around believe you me. :-P

 {image via: Crimson Vagrant/ Jared Fisher}

Day 22 - {a website}
Okay so I cannot pick just one alright! So here are a few sites that I frequent (blogger and non-blogger alike) regularly and some that I've just found out about too ranging from art, to fashion and movie reviews etc....to check them out click on the links below:

Polyvore  (I haven't used this site yet, but I am hoping to get around to it soon enough!)
Plugged In Online
AmandaBeth Online
Mrs. Darcy's Dressing Room

I have a lot more to share but that would be listing too many for what was supposed to be only ONE website for the day! *Big Smile* So perhaps I will do a post on a few more sites that I love if you'd all like to hear them!?

I hope everyone is having a great mid-week day! This week has been extremely rough for me at work with certain stresses, and if it's not too much to ask, would any of you mind praying that my job goes smoother and better for the rest of this week, and continues to do so? Also that I will have patience enough to stick certain things out in my life right now, as I am struggling to do so? Your prayers and encouragement would be wholeheartedly appreciated!
-Daughter of the King


  1. Aw, I'm sorry it's been a rough week for ya! Will keep you in my prayers.

    I was laughing soo hard when I started reading this post because I do the same thing with my socks. Only if I'm in bed actually (?dunno why? lol) but still I thought it was hysterical that I'm not the only person that does that! ;D

  2. The sock thing is interesting. Hehe, I am double jointed in my shoulders meaning I can hold my hands together and take them over my head and touch my back with out letting go of my hands. Weird? Yes. True. Of coarse! And it doesn't hurt. lol.

    love in Christ,

  3. Of course I'll pray for you! Stress is not a fun thing at all :(

    Also, I just realised that I've never acknowledged your comments on my blog in any way other than letting them be published. So thanks heaps for all of them - they're very much appreciated :)

    God bless.

  4. Marie: That is too funny....yayz...I'm not alone! lol
    Maggie: Cool and interesting!
    Anneliese: You are welcome....keep the blog posts coming. I love reading your posts!

    PS- Thanks to all of you girls...and guys too...for praying for me! Today was a much better day!