30 Day Challenge - Day 7

I was really excited about writing this post, and I had it all typed out nicely and awesomely too I might add...then my computer froze! *Urgh-a-dee-burgh-a-dee!* So this is as good a replication as any that I could come up with, again, for the awesome entry that I had written. Most people see me as a homebody who can at times get restless, wanting to get out of the house for a couple of hours, but really I am ready to go somewhere....hike through Europe...see all 50 states of America, etc. Surprised to hear that I long to hit the road, to walk the earth in distant lands, to go exploring.....because this young lady longs for adventure in her life lemme tell you! I am the young adventurous idealist woman after all, although I am sure it comes as a shock to most of you. I hope you enjoy reading about what vacations I'd like to take...since I couldn't just pick one! Feel free to share about your thoughts on my picks. I'd love to hear about your vacation picks too ya know! ;-)

Day 14 - {a vacation I'd like to take}

"Neuschwanstein Castle" {image via: passion-of-bavaria.com}

I would love to go back to Germany again, but this time instead of being a 10 year old girl, first time overseas away from her momma and daddy, and homesick as all get out the whole two weeks I was there, I will be a strong adventurous young woman ready to take on the world! I think I am more well prepared now as a young woman to go back...and certainly I'd be a lot more appreciative! I'd like to explore castles, visit Cologne, ride trains along the Rhine, sit in various bakeries eating delightful treats while sipping nice warm coffee and writing to no end on notebook paper...and I want to hike until I drop!

"Castle in Scotland"

"The Mysterious Loch Ness" {image via: pinkdandelion.com}

Another vacation I'd love to take would be going to Scotland and Ireland. My family heritage is partially Irish, and there's some Scotman's in mah blud too I think so I am interested in seeing where my forefathers roamed a bit. I'd love to experience it and drink it in...oh Ireland and Scotland! I don't need anything fancy honestly, just give me a little room, my hiking boots, my camera, a notebook and pen and a loch or two and I'd be set! Honestly, what would be more fun than sitting by the waters of Loch Ness awaiting to see a glimpse of the beastie? *Funny thing is you all probably think I'm kidding about Nessie! Lol!*

"Niagra Falls" {image via: bestholidaydestinations.net}

"The Grand Canyon" {image via: indianspringaz.com}

"Muir Redwoods" {image via: sftravel.com}

I also am dreaming of taking my travels to my own back yard: America the beautiful! I want to take a road trip across the country, yep that's right, give me a 1967 Black Chevy Impala like Sam & Dean Winchester's...or even an RV would do I suppose if the Chevy won't work out and I would totally hit the road and not look back until I've seen Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, The Redwood Forests...etc!

"The 1967 Chevy Impala" *My Future Car* :-P
{image via: adarkervision.com}

-Daughter of the King


  1. I'd love to go to Scotland as well! I think it's such a beautiful country. :)

  2. omgoodness. i hate it when my computer feezes. makes you want to throw it out the nearest window! all those places sound really cool. especailly scotland. i just love scotland. im not sure if i would be able to answer that question myself.... so many places i would love to go!!!