30 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 15 - {a person I admire}
My dearest, my momma. Franziska. She is my humoresque partner in acts of uberously insane hilarity that cause bouts of uncontrollable laughter. She is my enigma....my polar opposite at times, and just as often she and I are the same, yet not. She is my constant friend, care-taker, emotional anchor, soul rejuvenator, confidant, smile-causer....my everything! I love you momma!

Day 16 - {a song that makes me cry}
There aren't any songs that make me cry....at least not yet anyway. I am a pretty emotional person, when driven towards it, so I find it funny that I cannot think of one song that makes me cry! :-P

Day 17 - {an art piece}
{image via: aliceweber.com}
I love Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I love the swirling movement, the various shades of ochre and blue wrought throughout the lovely painting. I want to have this portrait hanging in my Home one day....it will match my yellow and blue quilt that I made and my polish pottery splendidly! 

-Daughter of the King

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful words of tribute to one of my favorite laugh partners! You are beautiful inside & out and I love you:) MOM