second chances on strings

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forgiveness is like music.
it is bittersweet and aching.
raw emotions in a tangled collision.

it's the sound of saying you're sorry,
resonating like strumming on strings. 
the notes of breaking down familiar rhythms.

you can breathe in this knowing.
this, the knowing of grace and bridges slowly being rebuilt.
tear by tear and kisses sprinkled over cheeks.
 those hurting walls come tumbling down.

and now it's time to rebuild.

note by note and word by word.
heart by heart and smile by smile.

the symphony of grace pours through our souls.

we learn so much about one another.
that we are similar and both need grace.

yes, there is always a niche for forgiveness.
there's always this need for humbling grace.
for renewal is our new song to sing.

humbled words, frightened spilling out, 
are the reminders that we are but human after all.

it's more than just being the stubborn one.
 or the right or wrong one.
whatever your score.

forgiveness, like music, is this self set free.

it's the giving of a second chance.
it's the giving of new clean slates.
it's the opening up when we fear we cannot.

this forgiveness.
letting go of angry words and staccato tones.
anew a song of grace becomes borne.

we learn our song...this forgiveness...the music
 resounding of HIS grace.

{this poem is for my momma}

((i'm linking up with emily wierenga today))


  1. oh, this is beautiful. i loved this...

    "humbled words, frightened spilling out,
    are the reminders that we are but human after all."

    love the beautiful metaphors and prose here. i love finding something worth reading. looks like we wrote on something similar.

    i see we both linked to Emily today. nice meeting you! stop by my place anytime.



  2. Forgiveness, like music, is this self set free. Lovely words to describe a moment of forgiveness between people.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  3. forgiveness so sweet... nice moment in your poem

  4. ♥You're too sweet, Sierra! Thanks a MILLION for your kindest of words!♥

  5. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my poem, wolfsrosebud!

  6. This is beautiful - I never thought to equate forgiveness and music, but they fit together so well! Lovely, lovely poem.


  7. the notes of breaking down familiar rhythms.

    this poem is a beautiful song... thank you for giving forgiveness a melody friend. so exquisite.


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