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 :: doorways :: 
the opening that a door closes; an entrance into another room.

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there's a not-so-untrue foretelling of changes to come, rolling around in my heart and mind. the autumn season is well on its merry way, and with it will come many a door to close, and many a door to open. lately i find myself stepping over the all-i've-ever-known thresholds . . . the ones that have held me here for twenty-four long years . . . into rooms lesser known. boldly, bravely, i shut the old creaky doors behind me one by one, as i continue in search of the new ones that lie in wait.

i wander further up and further in, with eyes wide open to all of the possibilities that my marriage to my beloved will bring. in just a mere four months i will pledge my heart to his, speaking vows of love, and claim a brand new name; a brand new life. yes, indeed, there is much change to come.

i feel this aching welling up inside me, it urges me to just keep going, until all of the doors i need to leave behind me have been closed. though the floors are creaking beneath me, i am continuously moving, moving, moving. my feet catch on the rough floorboards, uncertain of what door is next to come. and then i hear the Eternal One's voice whisper, saying "just keep moving, and i'll show you the next door, sweet restless bird-of-mine." and so my tender feet keep trudging onward, finding shoes of peace, though they fumble still. the time slips by faster and faster, moving like clockwork well-oiled, thrust forward into perpetual pre-ordained motion.

and i breathe. and i rest. and i wait.

now closing the known doors, i enter into an unknown room, embracing every step that moves me.