Proverbs 18:24

"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
This verse comforts my soul in ways that no one person in this world could ever do in this season of my life! I have needed verses like this one as of late...don't you love that the BIBLE was written for 'such a time as this!'

True friends are like precious first they are awkward, dull and dusty, and covered in rock. But as you begin to chip away at each polish, to uplift and treasure them as precious jewels to sparkle.
You begin to see this jewel (friend) in a whole new takes patient time as well as truth and sincerity betwixt one another to develop a glimmer...a glimmer of hope of the true kindred spirit within.

To the true "Jewels" who sparkle and stand have my heart!
P.S.- You know who you are! ;)

Sacred Vessel-Restored By Christ (part 2)

"Darling, Drink Me In"

'My living waters shall fill your thirsty soul...this I promise you,
if you will drink me in.'
'You woman, my beautiful daughter's, sacred vessels, to you I say you will be filled with holy water by me...drink me in.'
'Drink of me and never thirst again, this I command you, but you have a free will. Rest and relax by my fountain of need to remain thirsty any longer. You shall receive eternal life when you fully drink me in.'

Never thirst again? How can this be, that You alone would want to fill eternal life to me, an undeserving young woman? Why me? Why have I found such favor within your sight?

You've given me more than I could ever hope for! undeserving of Your love am I. Beauty from pain, and laughter through tears...eternal life through Your son's atonement on the cross. Jesus' love writ in blood.

Living waters are coursing through these once thirsty veins...I can feel you filling me...within this once empty shell of nothingness.

I no longer want to remain in this earthly world as just another merely fallen daughter, but in Your living waters. Restore this thirsty soul...this daughter of the king! Fill me!

You are coursing through this unworthy vessel, so grateful and blessed am I to be living within You! Dwelling now inside of me...once fallen daughter...left alone with her sin nature to reckless abandon...Your son is now living and reigning within!

"Renew this lowly maiden, make me a sacred vessel, who carries Your living waters within her for You and Your kingdom!"

This is my heart's cry, written for everyone to hear...come now from behind your cloud of utter darkness. 'Drink me in! He's calling you near...'

My God, He speaks, and I shall no longer deny, that I was created to be Your sacred vessel, now made anew, restored by Christ!

I can breathe freely, knowing that I have been restored by my Saviour Jesus Christ! Your living waters fill me now. Drown me in Your many waters, drown me in Your depths of love.

Empty me and fill this sacred vessel forevermore...I long to thirst for only You. 'Darling, drink me in!'

~John 4:13-15~

Sacred Vessel-Restored By Christ (part 1)

Have you ever stopped to meditate on what is written in John ch. 4?

"A lowly sin-filled fallen daughter of the king is spoken to by Jesus at the well...He lets her know just how much her life is worth to He alone is her redeeming Messiah. He is ready to redeem her...who is so unworthy of His grace & love. How awesome is He? ...that He would even speak to her, and care for her so deeply regardless of the sinful life she leads. He offers, if she will open up her heart to Him, eternal life. He says to her my living waters will quench your thirst will thirst no more!"

I don't know about you, but I feel so thankful just knowing that Jesus stops and talks to my heart daily. On many an occasion He has spoken so resonatingly, when I was feeling alone and needed His living waters to flow into my lowly empty vessel. Everyday He speaks whether in a "Whisper or a Clamor" (play on words...ANBERLIN.) Even though I am so undeserving of even hearing His voice, or feeling his magnificent love He still fills my vessel. My worries seem to drown away in His love. ...I really never thought about the impact of Jesus talking to this Samaritan woman at the well..proclaiming that He was the Saviour who could fill her and set her free.

The poem that will follow this particular blog in part two was written after heavily meditating on the afore mentioned biblical passage. I happened to write the poem at 2 am in the morning. I am not quite sure why thoughts come to me in the early am hours when no light of day is shining!

"Never Fade Away"

Lord you are always near. Your voice so desperately I seek to hear!

Sometimes I seem to fade away. Into life's background noise... I become disoriented. I didn't know that I was drowning you out with all the world's sounds and vices.

I've learned I must continue to live as Christ, even through the quiet seasons. I must never fade...never fail to listen intently.

When You appear...You are glorious! My Shepherd, crown in His hand, to bestow upon me. He holds the crown of glory that will never fade away!

You've called me to stand up. Your glory I seek to aquire. The world is becoming less desirable to me...Your heart oh Lord I am running after. Nothing else in this world matters...only You I seek to call my own.

Let me never fade You I will remain!
~ 1 Peter 5:4 ~

Only Reflect

Am I being a reflection of Him? Shattering the mirror daily, I die to myself and live remade in the image of Christ.

My First Posting

Okay this is my official first blog! Yay me!!! I have always wanted to blog...just never got around to it. So here I am now blogging...yep...this could be my new thing! :)

I just got back from FUGE in Asheville yesterday. You would not believe how God used my time at FUGE to spur me on in my Christian walk and faith. I let go of so many things that I was holding onto (i.e. fear of talking to new people.)

I made quite a few friends...I hope to stay in contact with them as much as possible! I could not have been with a better Bible Study Group...GO EXPLOSION (BOOM!) :)

It is getting late, and seeing as I have had such a busy week...God filled, sleepless nights, a run away and then found, and so many new faces to call friend I must say goodnight. The Joy Comes In The Morning! So Give HIM praise!

Much Love to the readers of my first ever blog! -Sarah