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"When do boyfriends become man-friends? They don't because when they do finally become man-friends that's when they become husbands." - my lovely momma

naming your baggage & letting it go

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"To let go you've got to first name your baggage, then drop it, so that you can become a stronger young woman (or man) for the body of Christ."

What is it exactly that we are holding onto and not letting go of so that the Lord may strengthen us and lead us through a new season in our life as we were purposed to do so all along...baggage-less? Profound question is it not? I've thought a lot about letting go lately. It all started this past week when I felt like the world was slipping out from beneath my feet. I've had no control over the tides that have been rising around me, and with those tides have come fear and me trying so desperately to hold onto things which I must now let go. My baggage has been named and has now been laid at the feet of my sweet Jesus I am happy to report!


I think I am getting ahead of probably want to know more about how I arrived at the discovery of my baggage-filled-life's-scape and came to name it and set it free by letting it all go into His hands aren't you? 

Well, here goes...but I've a few questions for you and I first...

Are you holding onto fear of a new season in your life that is sure to come whether you feel like welcoming it or not? What about holding hate against/for someone in your heart and soul when you know you need to surrender it to God for good...again? "No" you say certainly with all the most sure-thing-attitude in the world, but are you really sure? Is there perhaps a relationship that you are holding onto too tightly, so tightly in fact that the other half of that 50/50 relationship just can't make a move because you are holding them back from letting God be the sounding voice in their ears? Are you wondering what lies ahead for you in your future....what job will you end up working in inevitably...or entertaining thoughts about when that special someone will sweep you off of your feet for forever with a ring?

All of those questions (and thoughts that were posed) that I just asked you...well, that is exactly what I've been faced with and have been sorting out within my weighed down mind for the last few weeks. I've only just recently realized just how much baggage I actually was carrying around on my spiritual body this past Sunday when our Pastor preached on The Body and the significance of letting go of our own baggage so that we can come to the table of Christ as a whole body, not fragmented and scarred from holding onto baggage that was not meant to be held.

It seems as though God has REALLY been trying to speak to me lately. He's been asking me to come to Him and release so much of myself, my baggage. For a while there I'd seemingly hid from Him, His voice, His Word, Prayer with Him...and myself. I've so many changes and things that are getting ready to hit me, and to be honest I am not one who deals well with lots of changes, whether they be awesome or terrible ones, very well at all, never have been really. 

Right about the time I felt bogged down by everything this past week I heard the Lord say "Let Go." I really didn't pay too much heed to it entirely, but then I got my e-devotion one morning on my laptop, and you guessed it, it was about letting go and giving everything over to Him. Then this past Sunday I went to Church for the first time in a long while (my momma's surgery and the Holidays kind of kept us from attending) and the Pastor's message was on letting go of our baggage so that we can be a better and stronger body as a whole in and for Christ. I was floored as I sat alone in the Church/gym on Sunday morning and heard those two words once again, "Let go." How could I not get what God was trying to say to me at this point, I mean really!? 

Pastor Niel walked up on the stage to start his sermon, his back held a backpack, he had a side saddle bag hanging on one side of his body and two suitcases held in his hands. The pastor preached the whole sermon while holding onto all of his "baggage" and the point was made very clear...and getting clearer by the moment to me, that in order to be a strong daughter of the King I first had to identify those heavy bags in my own life that were weighing me down so that I could live for Him and His body of Christians more strongly than ever before. 

"If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."
1 Corinthians 12:26-27

When we begin to let a few bags down, that's a great start right, but if you are still holding onto let's say one or two bags you can surely manage because after all you're not holding onto all of those bags anymore, right? Well, that is exactly what I've been doing for over a year now. I seemed as if I was okay, but really I've been holding onto this one bag in particular longer than I've held my other bags...this one was growing into something I could not contain and conquer myself. This bag was hate

Over a year ago I had been wounded by a fellow Sister in Christ very deeply and honestly it tore me to pieces, broke me down and made me and my life miserable. At first I thought that it was okay to hold onto this bag because I had been wronged after all, but what I didn't realize was that slowly, over time that bag of hurt started morphing into bitterness, then bitterness into anger, and then ultimately anger into hate.  I am ashamed to say that I've hated, yes hated, this fellow sister in Christ. It was wrong, so wrong of me to feel this way towards my sister. I've now realized all of this this past Sunday when the Pastor asked if there were any bags that we needed to let go of, and I prayed in Church, with my hands outstretched high, releasing that hate and  asking Him to fill me and that hole in my heart where extreme pain had metamorphosed into hate. 

I felt free after I had named my baggage and let it go into God's merciful hands. That's not where the story ends though... The Pastor was holding onto 4 bags throughout the entire service, and in my mind I had already named all 4 of those bags, because there were exactly 4 things in my mind and heart that I knew that I needed to let go of. God was showing me all of those things that morning in Church. He had been speaking to me all along, but I was just too consumed with my baggage and fears to hear Him. As I realized this I began to feel the warm slow silent streams of small tears trickling down my cheeks. I knew that I was free. I knew that I had finally been released and that now that I had become free from my burdens of baggage that I was going to be a stronger daughter of the King...a stronger part of His body.

I pray for you dear readers, that whatever hidden baggage lies within you and your life that you will too be set free. Even if you think that you have moved on, checked a few of your bags at the gate and proceeded on with your flight of life with only a mere small carry on bag that you just know you can handle by yourself, that you'll take a moment to pray and search your heart for that bag, tiny as it may be in your life. That tiny bag will surely begin to get heavier and heavier as the flight of life drags on I assure you. Only He can reveal that baggage of the heart to you. Only He can take it from your burdened shoulders, dear ones!

 I hope that you will see that through my story of letting go of hate towards my SIC, my relationship with Jared, my fear of the unknown etc. that no matter how small the bag, it is indeed damaging and will prevent you from being the daughter or son of the King and part of His wonderful body that you need to be. 

Name your baggage. Release your baggage. Let it all go to Him...

amazon kindle freebies --hurry!

For those of you blogger lovelies who own an Amazon Kindle (see also, best gadget ever invented!!) I thought you might like to know what really awesome books are on the free e-books list currently...which I have snagged on up over the last few weeks.

*Note: I have not read all of these titles, nor do endorse them, obviously because I have not read them as of yet. I merely thought that these titles looked and sounded really please, check them out before you read them or add them onto your Kindle or i-Touch (with the app).*

If any of these book titles looked interesting to you too you shouldn't hesitate to go and scoop them up as soon as possible because, well, these books won't be on the Amazon Kindle Free eBooks list for forever. Remember, you can get these free Kindle eBook downloads on for your own personal Kindle (direct download, or one click download) or for your i-Touch (if you use the Amazon Kindle App.) 

Have fun looking for books! =)

what i've been...

That you are indeed an overly OCD type personality person if/when you rehearse your prayers to the Lord in your head before you pray them...guess I am doubly prayed up then, huh?

That I need a Church's surely time to plug into Element Church for me.

That my Amazon Kindle is the best purchase that I've made in a looooong time!!

That I missed my piano keys like crazy, so I started practicing daily again!! :-}

That I need to get a daily schedule written down for myself to follow...devo time with my best friend God included into that schedule too!!

Listening to: 

*Pause my main player on my sidebar to listen to my newfound fave tunes!!*

Reading on my Kindle:

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I have only just read through the prologue and the first two chapters of this book thus far, but I am really enjoying it so far...and it's always super cool to read a book that was written by a blogger friend I must admit!! :)

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Now, while I know that this book is for tweens I have still enjoyed reading my way through this devotional thus far. I really love the way Nancy Rue connects with her young female I will admit right here and right now that I hope to have a book published that is similar to hers, but written by me of course, out one day for you all to read!!
 *I once took a writer's workshop for a weekend when I was in elementary/middle(?) school and Nancy Rue was my writing mentor whom I loved learning from and working with.*

How to make waffles. I made waffles for the first time ever today. I am usually a pretty good cook, but I have to puff myself up with confidence before I usually step foot in the kitchen to do more of the cooking that requires things like measuring, i.e. baking my arch nemesis. Today was a good day in the kitchen though. I managed to measure all of the ingredients right, didn't burn down the kitchen and my chocolate waffles were oh so delicious!! :)

Hearing From God:
 Sarah, you need to just LET GO. *There'll be more on this in a later post!!* =)
P.U.S.H.- Pray Until Something Happens


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I recently watched this with Jared (my bf) for the second time, and I absolutely a-DORRIT!! =P

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I just started watching season 3 of Lark Rise To Candleford last night and I am already head over heels about watching through this seasons episodes. This show is heart-warming, quirky, charming, full of intrigue and friendly faces that you'll come to know and love...what more could you want? Of course I love most everything from BBC, and Lark Rise To Candleford is no exception. I was very excited to find out that they are going to be doing a 4th season of the us Americans must just sit around and wait for its release I suppose... If you haven't watched this show you NEED TO.


So, I really do wanna know... What have you been discovering about yourself, listening to, reading, learning, hearing from God and watching lately? 

I've really enjoyed writing these quirky short "What I've Been..." posts and I think I shall continue to do so. What do you think, dearest blogger lovelies? Just so you know, I don't mind copy cats, as long as you let me know you've written a "What I've Been..." post so that I can check out your most current happenings too!! :-)

With many things yet to discover within her life...

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More Winter Photos:

are currently posted on my photography blog! Please visit my other blog (Neo-Victorian Photography) to see the photos, if you all will be so kind. Leave me some comments if you'd like to, and please do follow me along....because there's more moments to be captured by Lila (my Canon Rebel) and I to be sure! :)

Much Love,

Exciting Movies Are Coming...

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Okay, so usually I am not Marvel's biggest fan. The only reason I normally will sit through a Marvel movie is because my boyfriend wants to watch one. Jared is quite nerdy....just check out his blog and you'll understand. I'm nerdy too, but anyway...... The only Marvel movies I really like are Spider Man 1 & 2 (they ruined the 3rd one imho), X-Men Origins (not really a fan of the other ones in the series, just that one) and Ghost Rider. However, that all said I had thought after seeing what the comic version of Thor looks like (totally retarded looking really *seen at the top of the post*) that the movie would look stupid, but I think quite the opposite now that I've seen the trailer. The Thor of Marvel comics acclaim looks rather silly to me compared to that of the epic brutish looking viking Thor that is played by Chris Hemsworth in the movie adaptation of the character. Needless to say I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVE!!!

Another pirates film.....just what Sarah ordered so very long ago that she had thought that they had forgotten her order...that it would never make it to her table. lol Well, the movie does come out around my birthday. May here I come! Seriously though, even without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly I am STILL super excited about seeing this movie. Instead of the usual we get Penelope Cruz alongside Johnny Depp......mermaids, zombies and Blackbeard.....sounds EPIC to me. Who's with me? *ARGH*

It looks interesting that's all I can really say about this one....that and the fact that I am a BIG Harrison Ford fan.

Johnny Depp, oh how I "HEART" you! I have only recently, within the last year or so, started getting into watching animated films again.....and I'm not sorry that I have! A chameleon who doesn't know how to blend in? Hilarious.

Mia Wasikowska, the young woman from "Alice In Wonderland", is back on the big screen again. Woohoo! I love the story of Jane fave currently being the Masterpiece Theatre version of course!  I was really quite pleased to hear that they are remaking this film for the 3rd time (4th if you include the tv series one.) I cannot wait to see this version. *eep* =)

Jack. Black. Need I say more?


This looks quite intriguing.....not sure what to make of this one yet, but I do love Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon so it can't be horrible....can it? I think I need to read the book "Water for Elephants" first before I see this though. [edit: I just found out from a friend of mine that the book has some mature adult content. I do hope that they will not add that adult content in.....because this film looks quite interesting to me!]

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 You guessed it.....Sherlock Holmes 2 comes out this year! I wonder which villain will show up this time.......

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I'm not sure what the rating on this movie will be yet, but I am curious to find out how they are gonna turn "Breaking Dawn" the book into a movie. This should be interesting..............

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Part 2 is coming.....and the story is coming to a close. I cannot wait. =)

So what movies are you looking forward to seeing in 2011?

Fave Movies From 2010

"Alice In Wonderland" March 5th 2010
L~R: Sadie (Me), J-Rad (Jared) and Saint Pat (Patrick)

Last year was such a GREAT year for movies. Honestly, I can say that I went to the movie theatre more last year than I have any other year of my ever. I saw most of the movies in this post (below) on the Big Screen, with a few exceptions of course. I did not see "How To Train Your Dragon" until last week (we got it from Netflix) and I'm in love with that little draconic quirkfest (!!), and I went and saw "Tron: Legacy" on January 1st with my guy. Tron was Uh-Mazing lemme tell you, and I am so glad that I got to see it in I-Max 3-D was my first time seeing an I-Max movie and I'd wager that I made a pretty good choice on which movie to see for my first

Well, my lovelies, listed below are my top fave movies from 2010:


I watched this movie for the first time on an in-home date night with Jared at the suggestion of his lovely mother, Tricia. I am in love with this movie....Ireland, Matthew Goode and a cute story line. :) This movie is probably one of THE CLEANEST rom-com movies I have seen in a long while.

Okay, so I actually went with Jared on Valentine's Day to go see this movie. I wasn't sure what we were in store for, but Jay and I both loved the film....and not to mention the Satyr named "Grover" looked just our Bible Group Leader from FUGE where Jay and I first that was, yeah, weird! =P

This movie was everything you could be in want of in a Burtonian film. (Yes, I am in love with Burton's films!) I went to go see this in 3D with Jared, "Saint Pat" (my other best guy friend), Mary (my lil sis) and Momma and I am pretty sure that it is safe to say that we all collectively LOVED IT!!! 

I have watched this movie 3 times this week....seriously. Like I said earlier this film is a Draconian Quirkfest that is ripe with a well thought out and entertaining story, interesting and well executed voice acting by brilliant actors such as Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler and America Ferrara. Toothless (the dragon) is very cat-like and just plain adorable in this movie...also, one of my fave side characters was Fishlegs who was basically a Dragon Stats Nerd...he was uber cool and kept Jay and I laughing out loud! *!!!Rock On Fellow Nerds Of All Kinds!!!*

I love Nicolas Sparks because his love stories are more likened to that of real life romance. I may not agree with certain characters' dress, language, drinking and other things that are glimpsed within this movie.....but if you don't take things from a stand point of "What can I possibly learn from this film?" you might just miss out on some awesome movies and stories, this one included. The Last Song made me laugh and cry, and I loved every second of it. I usually am NOT a Miley Cyrus fan at all, but in this film she was GREAT and didn't rub my nerve endings raw. If you watch this grab some *KLEENEX!!!* 

Okay, so this film was fairly predictable, but that is quite okay with me because I still found myself entranced by Sophie and her travels through Verona to find Juliet her Romeo. I will admit that I do NOT AGREE with the whole pre-honeymoon trip that is going on in this film....gosh society is so messed up...really...but over all this romance was pretty clean and loads of fun to watch.

While Eclipse is my favorite book out of the Twilight Saga it is NOT my favorite movie out of the Saga (New Moon is). I still loved the's just that there are things that I wished would've been done differently. For instance, the movie frames seem to jump too quickly from one scene to the next so it feels all splicey and the like, the movie is a tad too dark to see well in certain areas...and of course I would've elaborated on the scenes when Jasper and Rosalie reminisce and tell Bella of their lives as humans then turned to vampires. At the end of the day the story is one of a young woman trying to find herself, a vampire who is trying to fight the urge to fall into his 'sin-nature/bloodlust' for humans and the ultimate fight of good versus evil. I still loved it after all that said... See my review of this film HERE.

With this movie I was thoroughly impressed. Really my only qualms with the movie is that if they don't make a sequel *ahem Shyamalan you'd better busy yourself mister!* the ending to this film will probably leave you and I both peeved, oh, and the movie could have been longer, but other than those two things this movie is probably in my top ten fave movies ever. Katara, the main female lead, is headstrong and ready to fight for what is right (gosh I love this gal!), much like myself which is why I probably fell in love with her character because she is kinda like me (is that narcissistic of me to say?) after all. While Buddhism/Taoism does play a part throughout this film, you shouldn't not watch it because of this, instead watch it and perhaps see what you can learn about that particular Religion and Worldview so that you can defend your faith all the stronger. *Just a tip*

The idea that magic is scientifically driven and isn't so much spirit or satanic driven is a pretty cool theory for a film in my book. Plus, where else can you find a charming nerd (Jay Baruchel) and a very cool old man (Nicolas Cage) in a leather trench coat who are trying to save the world from the evil Sorceress Morgana le Fay and do so in unimaginable mad scientist ways! *Mwahaha* The soundtrack in this movie is just superb. I mean where else are you gonna hear OneRepublic put up against Jimmy Eat World, honestly? I was so uber thrilled to hear the Jimmy Eat World (I am a BIG FAN) song "The Middle" as the opening song....well, okay, not exactly the opening song, but watch the movie and you'll know what I mean okay! I absolutely love love love this film!

Jared and I went to go see this movie, just in time before it left theatres really. We both loved the film by the way. While this is MY numero uno fave movie of 2010 Jared's happens to be "Tron: Legacy." I won't gush too much about this movie though, but if you'd like to hear more on it you can read my review of the movie HERE.

This movie was the cutest! My momma, sister and I all thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Ramona Quimby is quirky, imaginative, cute as a boot (I love cute boots!!....uh oh...digressing) and she thinks that the word GUTS is a curse word (which was just too presh by the way, hehe!) This movie made me think a lot about the movie "Bridge To Terabithia", as I am a fan of kiddo movies where the story is good, there are laughs to be had and the kiddos are uber imaginative (like I was as a kid.) Watch it with your won't be sorry! =)

After having read all 7 of the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Series books I have to say that this movie is THE CLOSEST to the books out of all of them. This movie has everything. Period. Now before you get all jumpy on me and say "You're a Christian so why on earth do you watch Harry Potter?" let me explain why I've read the books and watched the movies. My mother and father have always believed that if you censor things way too much for your children and don't let them decipher and learn things for themselves that the world will rule them and that they will be defenseless against being able to stand up for their faith strongly...they will be at a loss as to how to fight the dark if you don't know it's tricks (not saying you should experiment, just saying you should be well rounded on understanding different Worldviews so you can defend you Christian faith). All this said, the HP books and movies may have been aimed towards children, but I myself wouldn't let my own children watch the movies or read the books until they are teenagers who have their faith grounded in the Lord. So watch, listen, explore, discuss and read with caution dear bloggers.

Harry Potter is a story of sacrifice, love, dark, light, good, evil, friendship, perseverance, freedom fighting, and a plethera of others... Now while I know witchcraft is wrong and is against the Lord our God, I see so much good within the HP series that could be discussed....believe you me, there's so much discussion material within the books and movies, and I've had many great and fun long conversations about the books and movies and about their Worldview with both my parents. Pray about it. Watch it if you want to play Worldview Decipher, much like how you'll have to in "The Last Airbender" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" too, okay.

This was the first I-Max 3-D movie I ever saw and I am proud to claim this movie as my first! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I sat down in the theatre seat, but I was prepared to welcome the new sci-fi film with arms and mind wide opened. The visualizations, actors, soundtrack and story line were awesome....the whole disc gladiator-esque games thing were my favorite scenes in the movie. You don't even want me to start talking about Garret Hedlund and his Ducati okay, you just don't! lol

So what was YOUR fave movie of 2010?

Winter Jam, Winter Weather, Winter Donut

Goodness, where to start? I've been away from my lovely little corner of bloggy world for over a week now, and I must say that I quite missed writing on my blog, posting new photos to share with you guys and I dearly missed not being able to hear from all of you! So much to tell....the basketball game, Winter Jam, the snow, crashing my car into someone's front yard on my way back Home and currently being under the weather. So many exciting skin-crawling moments took place over this last week...good and bad. Where to start???

I went to visit Jared (my bf) and his family for the weekend. We went to Seth's (J's brother) basketball game, where they totally beasted the other team, by the way! lol And then on Sunday we (Jared, his fam and I) went to Church and then after that the afternoon was spent with some of Jared's extended family who had driven in for a "Late Christmas" family get together. It was really neat to have been a part of the family festivities. After eating a delicious late lunch, opening gifts, laughing and doing all of the family get together things Jared and I decided to head out to go to the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2011.....and boy was it ever SPECTACULAR! =)


The Bands/Performers:

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{image via:}

Francesca Battistelli
{image via:}

David Crowder Band
{image via:}

{image via:}

Chris August
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{image via:}

A few Blurbs about each Band/Performer:
Sadly, Jared and I did not make it to the concert in time to find seats quickly enough, nor did we really see much of them or hear all of their songs, but they did do 2 new songs off of their upcoming album Until Will Have Faces (yes, it's also the title of a C.S. Lewis book, very cool I know.) I did manage to get an ear full of ALREADY OVER and it was epic!

Okay, so I am not a HUGE fan of theirs, but I do respect them as fellow musicians, and I think that the worship-music-style is their singular shtick. *Maybe I just haven't heard enough of them?* Anyone know a song by them that I should try and give a listen to?

{Francesca Battistelli}
Not only is Francesca stylish and beautiful, but she really blew my a musician. Honestly, I had no clue that she was so much more than just a singer. I mean I really could just gush on and on about her and her music! While at the concert she did about 4 or 5 songs (I don't remember exactly how many), which she performed not only while singing but also while playing the keys, guitar and was just so great! I love lOvE LOVE her! FB performed MY PAPER HEART, I'M LETTING GO and her other songs while there and they were awesome!

{David Crowder Band}
Okay, so I thought that I wasn't a very big fan of the David Crowder Band.....but can I change my mind? I absolutely enjoyed every moment of being ushered into the presence of the Lord in Worship. David Crowder and his band are simply amazing....their looks hold no weight on or over them...only Christ does and you can tell! 

Kutless is just as good, if not better, on their album as they are in person. They did a lot of songs from their newest album It Is Well (which is just fab by the way!) I've been a Kutless fan for a long while now, and after having seen them live I'm an even more dedicated and appreciative fan. These guys rock it out for Jesus, with brilliant vocals and showmanship. *May I also just say that seeing and hearing Jon Micah play the keys to a worship song was just a check-mark on my bucket list waiting to happen!*

{Chris August}
Even though I wasn't able to hear him very well over the crowds roaring steps scaling the concrete stairs during intermission, I did find him to be quite the charmer. *You should know that as far as music is concerned it is hard to charm me, and after all I am quite opinionated at times.* I loved this guys raw vocals and sincere melodic playing of keys. Brilliant. He's gonna do well.

They were the proverbial SHOWSTOPPERS. The old Newsboys was pretty good (not dissing Peter Furler or anything like that, cuz he's great), but I am so much more in love with the new lead singer transplant that is Michael Tait. I have been a MAJOR TAIT FAN for many many years, and really, I have been since his DC Talk and Tait days. Jared freaked out when they started playing SHINE, and then we both freaked out when the opening chords of JESUS FREAK echoed through the arena. It was magic, baby! My fave DC Talk song is JESUS FREAK, and when they started playing the first few bars I started freaking out. I looked over at Jared and said "Oh my gosh! No they are NOT! Is this what I think.....oh my gosh it's JESUS FREAK!!!" Yep, well, that was pretty much my reaction. To top things all off they had a strobe lit cat walk that Michael Tait made full use of while running down and up it, back and forth, and dancing down it. Also, the drummer was on this spherical platform that literally turned on it's side (like if a pancake was on your plate, and then you picked it up and dangled it over said plate...) and started spinning around....360 degrees....while he was playing his heart out. Newsboys was the epic awesome sauce I am telling you!

If you can make it out to a Winter Jam 2011 location DO IT!!!

After Winter Jam was over and done with the next few days were just spent being snowed in with my boyfriend and his family. There was so much snow, and the roads were uber icy so I had no choice but to remain with my guy and his by now the pull out couch and I are very well acquainted with each other! Haha! 

I had a lot of fun traipsing outdoors through the snowy covered neighborhood with Jared and his brother Seth on Monday, and of course with Lila (my Canon Rebel) too. Hopefully I'll have some photos of our snowy excursions up on my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG soon for you guys to all see. *Fingers Crossed Ya'll*

{image via:}

I used my Kindle a lot this week, mostly for reading J.R. Parker's book "Kestrel's Midnight Song" which is becoming really rather intersting as the story progresses, and playing the Every Word game which is uber fun until you hit level 4. =)  I also watched a ton of movies with Jay while we were snowed in: "How To Train Your Dragon" which was just a GREAT movie all around, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" which is becoming a dear fave of mine, "Corpse Bride" which is Tim Burton and the words genuine-artsy-fartsy-genius combined, "Spirited Away" which is my second fave Miyazaki film and "The Last Airbender" which is a definite HUGE fave movie of mine. Okay, so now you know the truth. I am a major movie buff!

Movies, spending time with people I love and traipsing around in the lovely white was a good time that's for sure! The only icky thing that happened during the wintry weather was when I tried to leave Jared's house. I didn't even make it out of the neighborhood before I went all Epic-Bambi-Mode on a ginormous slab of ice that covered the entire road. I slid anywhere from about 20-40 feet down the road, swerved to and fro quite a few times and then I finally did the largest Krispy Kreme donut ever and ended up parallel parking my car, facing in the opposite direction that I was heading, straight into someone's front yard....and my car got stuck good too. 

I called Jared and told him that I NEEDED him to come get me RIGHT NOW...and then Jared ran all the way from his house to the front of the neighborhood, at breakneck speed, to where I had crashed my car. To make a long story short after what seemed like an eternity we were finally able to get my car out of the thick snow, ice and earth that my car was stuck in. I was so shook up that Jared drove me back to his house and I ended up staying another night....when I woke up the next morning my whole back was so sore lemme tell you!

Well, after an EXTREMELY CRAZY week I finally made it back home yesterday afternoon, with no more driving problems whatsoever, thank the Lord! Although, I do think that I might have to get my dad to look at my car because the steering wheel feels really funny and kinda shakes when you speed the car up past a certain speed. My back is still hurting somewhat and I believe I am starting to get sick. I'm not quite sure what is going on with me right now, but I have been under a lot of icky stress lately and I think with this week having been crazy, life changes that are headed my way and that lovely donut moment my body is just sore, tired and emotionally spent. I hope with some serious rest this weekend that this sore and swollen throat and my fever that I currently have will subside.

Okay, seriously, I have done enough rambling for the moment. So I am gonna start wrapping this lengthy post up neatly now... How was your week? What did you think of my interview with Miss Raquel of God's Daughter? I'd love to know if you lovelies would be interested in seeing more interviews on DOTK?

Until we next meet,

DOTK Interview - God's Daughter

Hiya there blogger lovelies! First off, may I just say that I was very excited to be able to interview a dear blogger friend of mine recently. Today you will get a sneak peek into the life of dear Miss Raquel, who just so happens to be the lovely authoress of two very fab blogs (if I do say so myself): God's Daughter (is her main blog) and The Modestus Filia (is her fashion blog.)  I quite enjoyed reading through Raquel's answers to my interview questions and getting to know her better through this interview you are about to read. So here goes the first ever "DOTK Interview!"  

*I must admit that I am not a big fan of part 1 and part 2 interviews, so I decided to just post the whole interview all at once. So I'm sorry if this one is a bit long for you all to read through...hopefully you'll read through it all anyway!* =)


(DOTK) Hi Raquel. Thank you so much for being willing to let me interview you on my blog! I am sure my blog readers will love getting to know you, because I know that I myself have loved getting to know you through your blog (God's Daughter) and facebook. So to start this interview off could you please tell all of us a little bit about yourself and your family?

(Miss Raquel)  It is my pleasure!  I am honored to be featured on your blog.  And you’re so sweet. :)  It’s been great getting to know you too!

So…I am the second oldest of a family of 7 children.  One older brother, 4 younger sisters, and then another little brother. :)  My Dad is a letter carrier for the USPS and works just about 40 minutes away (in the next town over).  My Mama is a stay-at-home, working-all-day-long, beautiful Mother…one of my best friends and mentors.  I don’t know what my life would be like without her.  My older brother and I are very close…only 18 months apart.  It was just us two for four years, before Lydia came along.  He and I do a lot together – including, going to art school. :)  (He is FAR more talented than me, by the way!)  (I’m going to keep my sisters’ and little brother’s names private, so I’ll be using different names for them. :)  Rosie (11) is the clown of the family…always making us laugh. :) Tanya (9) is the encourager…always wants to make everyone feel good, and always compliments. :)  Anna (6) is the little mischievous stinker, but hilarious, little bean. :)  Natalie (2) is the doll of the family…always makes us laugh too, and is very talkative for such a little person. :)  And little Michael (5 months), whom we had been waiting for, for 17 years, finally made his appearance in July.  :)  He is the handsomest little boy baby EVER…the end. :)  (notice all the smiley faces after describing each of my siblings :)

We live on a farm just outside of a small town in Northwest Oregon, and love our little home.  We have, mostly, registered Nubian goats, but also chickens, and a big guard Doberman. :)  Oh, and a fish and two frogs in an aquarium. ;)
I am homeschooled, and a junior this year, but am actually going to try squishing junior and senior year together, so that’s a challenge, but I’d be super happy to finish school next spring. :)

I am also going to an art school with my brother.  I am going Thursday and Friday and am taking 8 classes, teaching 1 and assisting in another.  They are: (taking) – Violin, Portrait 101, Drawing 201, Photography, Painting 101, Computer Art 101, Dance (hip-hop and lyrical), and Novel Writing 102.  Teaching – English Country Dancing.  And assisting – Drama.  The school has been such a blessing, because it is based on a Christian foundation and the environment is just so amazing to be around and a part of!

(DOTK) As a fellow Daughter of the King can you tell us what personally helps drive you further and deeper into your relationship with God and His Son every day? Is there a certain biblical passage that speaks to you...perhaps one you'd like to share with us right now?

(Miss Raquel)  God teaches me things DAILY – as He does with all of us.  But one thing that He’s been showing me lately is just to stop and take time for Him.  So many times, we can push our Bible reading and prayer time to the back of our schedule and say that we’ll get to it later…and we usually don’t.  God has been telling me to make HIM a priority, even amidst my busy schedule.  He knows how busy I am, and the things that take up the majority of my day…but He also knows that I need HIM to get me through each day. :)  A favorite Bible verse…and one that the LORD brings to my attention CONSTANTLY…is Psalm 37:4-6: ‘Delight yourself in the LORD and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Trust also in Him and He shall do this.  He shall make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.’  It is such a beautiful passage, and reminds me to stop and delight myself in Him!  Also, Jeremiah 29:11: “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the LORD.  ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future’.”  It is so comforting and amazing to know that our Creator has us in the PALM OF HIS HAND and is concerned with every single little detail in our lives…and He plans every step we take.  What a comfort!

(DOTK) Reading your lovely blog brightens my day and makes my heart leap for joy, Raquel, it truly does! Just knowing that in this day and age that there are indeed Godly young women, such as yourself, who put the Lord and their family first before themselves, before others and instead of this world we live in really gives me hope. I sincerely pray that others who will stumble upon your blog will be inspired to seek God wholeheartedly, because that is what I see within you and your blog posts: a young woman who delights in the Lord and seeks Him wholeheartedly! With all of that said, could you please tell us a little about your blog? When and why did you start it? What do you hope to speak out to others about with it?

(Miss Raquel)  Oh, you are too kind!!  Thank you so much for telling me that!  It is SOO encouraging to know that my blog is such a blessing!  Oh, and I know EXACTLY what you mean about how it gives you hope to know of other Godly young ladies…through the blogger world, I have been able to meet and make such DEAR friends via fellow bloggers…it has been truly amazing and God is so good!!  Oh and I pray that too…that more people will stumble upon my blog!  But I only pray that so that it will be an encouragement to them.  I feel amazed to know that God has spoken through me to people that my blog has touched.  It’s truly amazing to hear such wonderful feedback from readers! 

Well…I had always wanted somewhere public to write about my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and be able to encourage fellow sisters in the LORD…so I felt led to start a blog.  I really did not know what to call it at first!  I had come up with so many different fun names, but finally decided on something simple/practical.  Something easy to remember.  So, I settled on ‘God’s Daughter’.  I’ve had this sweet blog for over two years now...almost three.  I had actually begun it with the late site (but they closed about a year ago).  So I moved to Blogger.  On Sampa, I had my blog private…but since moving to Blogger, I felt that I should make it public, in order for it to reach more people and be the blessing and encouragement that I had begun it for in the first place. 

My hope with God’s Daughter is to let others know that right HERE, there stands a girl on fire for her LORD and Savior.  That right HERE, stands a girl who is not afraid to speak about her God…the One true and living Maker of the universe.  That right HERE, stands a girl who only cares about where she stands in His eyes.  And that here stands a girl that wants YOU to know how much she loves her LORD…and she hopes that you enjoy her blog and is blessed and encouraged by it. :)

(DOTK) I've really enjoyed reading through your "Posts of Note" on your blog. Can you tell us a little about why Courtship, Purity and Modesty, among other things, are so very important to you?

(Miss Raquel)  Those topics are very important to me because of what the LORD has laid on my heart, and the convictions that I have come to, through studying His Word, hearing insights from different people, and just seeing how the world views these subjects as well.  As a true believer, my goal is to stand out and be a light in this dark world.  When I see fellow girls my age, dressing immodestly, showing cleavage, and not carrying about their appearance…my reaction should be, as a Christian, to WANT to be the opposite of that.  The same with purity…and courtship.  MOST of the couples that I know who have dated, either didn’t end up together or did, and their marriages are a mess now.  I’m not saying that dating ‘doesn’t work’…notice the ‘MOST’ at the beginning of that previous sentence. My own dear parents dated…BUT after only six months of marriage, they were pondering divorce.  But God showed them the plan He had in mind for marriage…when He designed that sacred covenant.  And I have seen so many relationships go sour, because of the couple dating, and I certainly to not want to be dragged through the mud and left wet and dirty, and unloved.  And here also comes purity…remaining pure is something that every girl struggles with.  Not so much physically as mentally.  Some people say that keeping such high standards regarding purity makes you hard to get…and that is just my aim. ;)  I will know a man is serious about pursuing a relationship with me, when he doesn’t falter and RESPECTS my boundaries.

Anyway, sorry if that was a little long… :) 

(DOTK) Besides writing, can you share with us some of your favorite pastimes?

(Miss Raquel)  Ooh!  A hard, but fun question :)  Let’s see…I enjoy reading, singing, dancing, playing piano and violin, crocheting, knitting, listening to music, organizing, taking long walks, cooking, baking, riding horses…the list can go on and on.  :)

(DOTK) I am a piano teacher, and so naturally I'm very much so in love with music. I love to discover new music artists for my listening pleasure; and I love to sing my heart out too! Do you play any musical instruments...or sing? Could you tell us what music artists speak to you; are there any particular songs that you just LOVE?

(Miss Raquel)  Yes!  As mentioned above, two of my favorite hobbies are playing piano and violin.  And yes, I LOVE to sing!!!  Oh goodness!  Ask ANYBODY who is a friend of mine and they will tell you, 9 out of 10, that they usually find me reading, writing, singing or dancing. :)  And oh goodness, I have so many favorite artists/songs that speak to me!  I will actually be doing a series of 7 such artists/songs that have touched my life the most this year.  But I guess I could give you a special sneak peek. ;)  Sarah Reeves (Sweet, Sweet Sound and My Savior), Caleb and Sol (Dedication and Be Still), Sixteen Cities (Sing Along and Someone’s Work of Art), The Afters (Light Up the Sky and Never Going Back to OK), Chris and Conrad (You Are the One and Lead Me to the Cross), and Jason Castro (You Are and Let’s Just Fall in Love Again).  I only named two songs from each of those artists but there are so many more; I could go on and on!! :)  (okay, a couple more…Britt Nicole, Bethany Dillon, Jaci Velasquez, and Owl City)  And most of the songs that I mentioned along with those artists are the ones that I ‘just LOVE’. ;)

(DOTK) Looking to the future, what are some things that you can see yourself doing...or that you hope to do, if God would allow it?

(Miss Raquel)  In a few years, I hope and pray that the LORD will have blessed me with a husband.  If not, I plan to be making my single years useful (as I pray that I am already doing!), and perhaps work at a Pregnancy Resource Center – which, actually, God has been opening doors for me to do so, at a Christian children’s orphanage, or maybe even go out of the country with World Vision and help at one of their missions.  I am willing to go wherever the LORD sends!

(DOTK) And in closing, could you share with us if there was ONE thing that you could share with each and every blog reader out there to impact their life in some small (or HUGE) way, what would you say to them?

(Miss Raquel)  To fellow believers…you are lights, shining in this dark world.  What you do now, will impact you and people around you for the rest of your life.  Shine for Him!  Stay strong in His Word!  Guard against the evil one!  You are a testimony of His goodness and salvation…never deny Him, never turn away from Him…always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within you.

To anyone reading this who has not received the LORD as their Savior…I pray that you will soon come to the knowledge of Him who saves.  Know that He will not turn you away.  No matter how great or small a sin you have committed, He is ‘faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’.  Ask for forgiveness…and He will gladly give it you.  You will be washed with the blood of His Son and be as white as snow.  It will be the best thing that ever happened to you!

Thank you, Sarah, SO much for this opportunity!!  I truly enjoyed this interview and am so blessed to know you and call you ‘friend’. You are a treasure to know.  *HUGS*, dear! 

(DOTK) You're very welcome, Raquel! It's always so very exciting for me (and I hope for you too fellow blogger lovelies) to learn about the life of a young woman who is completely sold out for Christ, her family and her friends. I am very encouraged and blessed by you and your bog. Thanks so much for letting us take a glimpse into your life, Raquel! I consider myself blessed to call you friend, and a fellow Daughter of the King.


If you would like to get to know this fellow Daughter of the King better you can find Miss Raquel on her lovely main blog God's Daughter weekly. Please be sure to stop by and visit her, and leave her a sweet comment or two! 

Thanks for reading the interview...any thoughts?