Winter Jam, Winter Weather, Winter Donut

Goodness, where to start? I've been away from my lovely little corner of bloggy world for over a week now, and I must say that I quite missed writing on my blog, posting new photos to share with you guys and I dearly missed not being able to hear from all of you! So much to tell....the basketball game, Winter Jam, the snow, crashing my car into someone's front yard on my way back Home and currently being under the weather. So many exciting skin-crawling moments took place over this last week...good and bad. Where to start???

I went to visit Jared (my bf) and his family for the weekend. We went to Seth's (J's brother) basketball game, where they totally beasted the other team, by the way! lol And then on Sunday we (Jared, his fam and I) went to Church and then after that the afternoon was spent with some of Jared's extended family who had driven in for a "Late Christmas" family get together. It was really neat to have been a part of the family festivities. After eating a delicious late lunch, opening gifts, laughing and doing all of the family get together things Jared and I decided to head out to go to the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2011.....and boy was it ever SPECTACULAR! =)


The Bands/Performers:

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Francesca Battistelli
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David Crowder Band
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Chris August
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A few Blurbs about each Band/Performer:
Sadly, Jared and I did not make it to the concert in time to find seats quickly enough, nor did we really see much of them or hear all of their songs, but they did do 2 new songs off of their upcoming album Until Will Have Faces (yes, it's also the title of a C.S. Lewis book, very cool I know.) I did manage to get an ear full of ALREADY OVER and it was epic!

Okay, so I am not a HUGE fan of theirs, but I do respect them as fellow musicians, and I think that the worship-music-style is their singular shtick. *Maybe I just haven't heard enough of them?* Anyone know a song by them that I should try and give a listen to?

{Francesca Battistelli}
Not only is Francesca stylish and beautiful, but she really blew my a musician. Honestly, I had no clue that she was so much more than just a singer. I mean I really could just gush on and on about her and her music! While at the concert she did about 4 or 5 songs (I don't remember exactly how many), which she performed not only while singing but also while playing the keys, guitar and was just so great! I love lOvE LOVE her! FB performed MY PAPER HEART, I'M LETTING GO and her other songs while there and they were awesome!

{David Crowder Band}
Okay, so I thought that I wasn't a very big fan of the David Crowder Band.....but can I change my mind? I absolutely enjoyed every moment of being ushered into the presence of the Lord in Worship. David Crowder and his band are simply amazing....their looks hold no weight on or over them...only Christ does and you can tell! 

Kutless is just as good, if not better, on their album as they are in person. They did a lot of songs from their newest album It Is Well (which is just fab by the way!) I've been a Kutless fan for a long while now, and after having seen them live I'm an even more dedicated and appreciative fan. These guys rock it out for Jesus, with brilliant vocals and showmanship. *May I also just say that seeing and hearing Jon Micah play the keys to a worship song was just a check-mark on my bucket list waiting to happen!*

{Chris August}
Even though I wasn't able to hear him very well over the crowds roaring steps scaling the concrete stairs during intermission, I did find him to be quite the charmer. *You should know that as far as music is concerned it is hard to charm me, and after all I am quite opinionated at times.* I loved this guys raw vocals and sincere melodic playing of keys. Brilliant. He's gonna do well.

They were the proverbial SHOWSTOPPERS. The old Newsboys was pretty good (not dissing Peter Furler or anything like that, cuz he's great), but I am so much more in love with the new lead singer transplant that is Michael Tait. I have been a MAJOR TAIT FAN for many many years, and really, I have been since his DC Talk and Tait days. Jared freaked out when they started playing SHINE, and then we both freaked out when the opening chords of JESUS FREAK echoed through the arena. It was magic, baby! My fave DC Talk song is JESUS FREAK, and when they started playing the first few bars I started freaking out. I looked over at Jared and said "Oh my gosh! No they are NOT! Is this what I think.....oh my gosh it's JESUS FREAK!!!" Yep, well, that was pretty much my reaction. To top things all off they had a strobe lit cat walk that Michael Tait made full use of while running down and up it, back and forth, and dancing down it. Also, the drummer was on this spherical platform that literally turned on it's side (like if a pancake was on your plate, and then you picked it up and dangled it over said plate...) and started spinning around....360 degrees....while he was playing his heart out. Newsboys was the epic awesome sauce I am telling you!

If you can make it out to a Winter Jam 2011 location DO IT!!!

After Winter Jam was over and done with the next few days were just spent being snowed in with my boyfriend and his family. There was so much snow, and the roads were uber icy so I had no choice but to remain with my guy and his by now the pull out couch and I are very well acquainted with each other! Haha! 

I had a lot of fun traipsing outdoors through the snowy covered neighborhood with Jared and his brother Seth on Monday, and of course with Lila (my Canon Rebel) too. Hopefully I'll have some photos of our snowy excursions up on my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG soon for you guys to all see. *Fingers Crossed Ya'll*

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I used my Kindle a lot this week, mostly for reading J.R. Parker's book "Kestrel's Midnight Song" which is becoming really rather intersting as the story progresses, and playing the Every Word game which is uber fun until you hit level 4. =)  I also watched a ton of movies with Jay while we were snowed in: "How To Train Your Dragon" which was just a GREAT movie all around, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" which is becoming a dear fave of mine, "Corpse Bride" which is Tim Burton and the words genuine-artsy-fartsy-genius combined, "Spirited Away" which is my second fave Miyazaki film and "The Last Airbender" which is a definite HUGE fave movie of mine. Okay, so now you know the truth. I am a major movie buff!

Movies, spending time with people I love and traipsing around in the lovely white was a good time that's for sure! The only icky thing that happened during the wintry weather was when I tried to leave Jared's house. I didn't even make it out of the neighborhood before I went all Epic-Bambi-Mode on a ginormous slab of ice that covered the entire road. I slid anywhere from about 20-40 feet down the road, swerved to and fro quite a few times and then I finally did the largest Krispy Kreme donut ever and ended up parallel parking my car, facing in the opposite direction that I was heading, straight into someone's front yard....and my car got stuck good too. 

I called Jared and told him that I NEEDED him to come get me RIGHT NOW...and then Jared ran all the way from his house to the front of the neighborhood, at breakneck speed, to where I had crashed my car. To make a long story short after what seemed like an eternity we were finally able to get my car out of the thick snow, ice and earth that my car was stuck in. I was so shook up that Jared drove me back to his house and I ended up staying another night....when I woke up the next morning my whole back was so sore lemme tell you!

Well, after an EXTREMELY CRAZY week I finally made it back home yesterday afternoon, with no more driving problems whatsoever, thank the Lord! Although, I do think that I might have to get my dad to look at my car because the steering wheel feels really funny and kinda shakes when you speed the car up past a certain speed. My back is still hurting somewhat and I believe I am starting to get sick. I'm not quite sure what is going on with me right now, but I have been under a lot of icky stress lately and I think with this week having been crazy, life changes that are headed my way and that lovely donut moment my body is just sore, tired and emotionally spent. I hope with some serious rest this weekend that this sore and swollen throat and my fever that I currently have will subside.

Okay, seriously, I have done enough rambling for the moment. So I am gonna start wrapping this lengthy post up neatly now... How was your week? What did you think of my interview with Miss Raquel of God's Daughter? I'd love to know if you lovelies would be interested in seeing more interviews on DOTK?

Until we next meet,


  1. What a weekend! Glad you made it home, hope you feel better really soon though. Sounds like you had a lot of fun too - I've been to WinterJam, Newsong is always there. They aren't my fave and I've heard a lot of their stuff! Lol! Just not my style really. But I've heard they are amazing, I saw part of their set at one Winter Jam and it was great. But honestly, even though I think Tait is great I miss Peter Furler. The "new" Newsboys are amazing but I don't see them at the Newsboys. I see as Michael Tait and Band. My sis and I tried to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice and we just couldn't get into it. We turned it off about half way through and I sent it back to Netflix and never finished it! Lol! We did watch a movie called Devil - a M. Night movie and it was AMAZING! Must see!!!

  2. {Sierra} It was a REALLY GREAT concert! Glad you are better, dear, and I hope your poor momma gets to feeling better soon (lately I seem to know all too well about the re-occurring tummy aches!!)


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