amazon kindle freebies --hurry!

For those of you blogger lovelies who own an Amazon Kindle (see also, best gadget ever invented!!) I thought you might like to know what really awesome books are on the free e-books list currently...which I have snagged on up over the last few weeks.

*Note: I have not read all of these titles, nor do endorse them, obviously because I have not read them as of yet. I merely thought that these titles looked and sounded really please, check them out before you read them or add them onto your Kindle or i-Touch (with the app).*

If any of these book titles looked interesting to you too you shouldn't hesitate to go and scoop them up as soon as possible because, well, these books won't be on the Amazon Kindle Free eBooks list for forever. Remember, you can get these free Kindle eBook downloads on for your own personal Kindle (direct download, or one click download) or for your i-Touch (if you use the Amazon Kindle App.) 

Have fun looking for books! =)

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  1. Hey there! That song Wonderwall was initially done by a band called Oasis in the 90's. You should look it up. It's a great song. :) They've got another really great song I like called "Fade Away" but the guitar part for that is really hard. LOL!

    You should totally start playing! It's so much fun! :D


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