It's A Quintet-Month-Aversary

Jared & Sarah - together for 5 months as of today.

I love you Jared Fisher.....and I can't wait to spend the next 5 months with you! 
With Love, Your Neo-Victorian
Goofiness......nuff said.
My other half.......can be serious....sometimes.

I took a pic of J's and whited the pic and left his eye colored in.....J has blue eyes, but they looked brown/orange-ish from the angle I took it.......looks like Edward Cullen's eyes! *drool* *kidding*

'Tis the Hawk that was destined to catch the Fish.' -J.T.F.
I am so blessed to be loved by a wonderful young man,
-Daughter of the King

I Am Now Certified In Child/Infant CPR

I pass the test. ....I will diminish.....and go into the West and remain Sarah-Belle! LOL!

Home Away from Home: Day 3

We started off our third day at our 'home away from home' with a day outing that we had planned and mapped out for Saturday. On the agenda: Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

We went downtown to go to McDuff's Tea Room & Emporium. I love going to the Tea Room....there are so many teas to choose from and the atmosphere is simply 'simple & quaint.'

Mary figuring out what to order....soup, sandwich or salad?

The bright pink glass is my tea of choice was Pomegranate Vanilla. It was SO GOOD!

This is me trying on many different hats in the 'Emporium' part of McDuff's Tea Room.

I loved this Olde English Jockey Hat

Fur Hat.....too cool....I love me some hats!

~My Tea~

~Me & My Lovely Parasol~
We went to some antique stores after eating at McDuff's. I had so much fun looking around, getting idea for how I want my home to look one day....eclectic...and snapping pics of all of the interesting items in the antique shops.

Such a cool chandeleir/lamp.

I saw this jacket in the Livery......and I thought J would look SO HANDSOME in it! ....makes me miss my guy all the more...

After spending a lovely afternoon out at McDuff's, looking in the Livery, and walking around it was time for dessert......what better than a cute little cupcake!?

So many to choose from........

I got a 'Vanilla Almond' cupcake by far that I've ever had!

~My lovely hostess & dearest kindred friend, Lynette & Me~

After a long day out and about downtown we came back to the house, where I delighted my stomach once again with Lyn's wonderful Quiche and a glass of sweet tea. I love Southern Georgian Girls! They are wonderful hostesses & cooks! Thank you Lyn for making Mary, Hannah & I a lovely Buttercup Bag! Thank you, thank you, & thank you!

Home Away from Home: Day 2

so every time I go back to my home town I absolutely love to go visit Lori's New & Used Bookstore. I came in with a stack of books ready to be turned in for trade credit, and trade credit I got! I took in 5 books and got $8.25 trade credit for them.

Me & Lynette in the bookstore. I was so happy to be visiting Lori's once again...and I got out under $13.00 spent on books...and I still got a nice stack for Jared and I.

After going to Lori's Used Bookstore on Friday we went to go pick Henry up from school and then us girls+ one guy headed to Red Lobster for a late lunch. We had so much time laughing and talking together at our booth. You know you have 'forever friends' when you are away from one another for a long time, but when you're back together again conversation and your friendships just fall right back into place where we last left off.

I ordered Shrimp Linguine Alfredo.....DELICIOUS! :)

After lunch we went to the sports place....Henry wanted to show us how much weight he could bench press. Henry lifted about 110 lbs. I believe.

.....and I bench pressed the weight bar which weighed around 45 lbs.

My book haul......two Manga books for me, a novel for me, and three R.A. Salvatore books for Jared.

This is the vase Lynette bought for me as a 'just because' present. Thanks Lyn!

To end our evening Mary and Henry had a cake decorating creative off....

Bubby's cake

Sissy's Cake

Home Away from Home: Day 1

I have been at one of my home away from home's. I love getting in the car, listening to music in the car for hours, talking to momma about all of the deep and weightier matters in life...and heading towards destination home away from home.

I love visiting Lynette, and my old home town. I love visiting with the adopted family. I love the warmth and love in their home. I love the eclectic mish moshedness of their home. Like the owl above for instance.....he was sitting on the kitchen day my home will be eclectiv like their's is! :)

Lynette prepared for us a very lovely dinner our first night there. She made Baked Potato Rosemary Soup in Bread Bowls.....and we had salad with an awesome vinaigrette. The table was set up so lovely!

Lynette's in love with the cute little eggies in the egg tray!

This is my lovely dinner and place setting.

After dinner I went outside into the garage with Henry to watch and help assist him build a wooden gun.

I take my helping skills very seriously.

...and here's my room.....I stayed in the sewing room.

Well, there are more stories and pics to share from our time at our home away from home.
For now...
-Daughter of the King