Home Away from Home: Day 1

I have been at one of my home away from home's. I love getting in the car, listening to music in the car for hours, talking to momma about all of the deep and weightier matters in life...and heading towards destination home away from home.

I love visiting Lynette, and my old home town. I love visiting with the adopted family. I love the warmth and love in their home. I love the eclectic mish moshedness of their home. Like the owl above for instance.....he was sitting on the kitchen counter.....one day my home will be eclectiv like their's is! :)

Lynette prepared for us a very lovely dinner our first night there. She made Baked Potato Rosemary Soup in Bread Bowls.....and we had salad with an awesome vinaigrette. The table was set up so lovely!

Lynette's in love with the cute little eggies in the egg tray!

This is my lovely dinner and place setting.

After dinner I went outside into the garage with Henry to watch and help assist him build a wooden gun.

I take my helping skills very seriously.

...and here's my room.....I stayed in the sewing room.

Well, there are more stories and pics to share from our time at our home away from home.
For now...
-Daughter of the King

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  1. Sarah what a lovely post. But really.. on the picture of me and the eggs.. I look a bit.. strange! I love it that you like my sense of decorating style. As always, the time was sweet but TOO short while you all were here. A few minutes after you all left Henry asked me when you all were coming for a visit again.


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