A Bedtime Story For Sarah

{Artwork is copyrighted by Jared Fisher/ Crimson-Vagrant}
I remember as a little girl, most fondly, being read to while in bed. Grandma, Momma and Daddy all read to me so many numerous stories in the past. They read to me the same tales over and over again, because they loved that I had fallen so in love with books, and because I melted their heart's when I smiled at them really big and asked if it was time for our bedtime story yet.

I remember Grandma reading me such bedtime stories as: Fred The Cat, Wooly Foot, The Swan Princess, and Grimm's Fairy Tales only to name a few. Grandma always made sure that when we got to the end of the Fred The Cat book (where the scene was in a graveyard for Fred's funeral) she told me that Fred and his friends were having a big old party and a wonderful time. I still have my Fred The Cat book, and I did not find out up until a few years ago when I read through my beloved childhood book once again that Fred had died and Grandma lied! I love my Grandma! Momma read to me: Angel Academy, Aladdin, Treasure Island and The Miss Spider Series. Daddy read to me: Kingdom's Parables, Eric Carl books, and my all time favorite The Snow Queen.

Bedtime stories were the best...and they still are. A lot has changed since I was a little girl begging to be read to and tucked in every night under my many blankets and quilts, whether I was sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's house or at Home. I still love to be read to. I find that even though I am almost a young woman of 21, I still love for my Momma to read to me.

The gifts I always remember receiving with such fondness are the many books I have received over the years. I have so many memories tied up within in beautifully bound and written tales! Daddy doesn't read to me anymore, though, I miss hearing him read to me aloud all about Kay and Gerda....the little boy and girl in the book The Snow Queen. I have such fond memories of my Daddy reading to me. Daddy doesn't read to me anymore, but there is a new man in my life who reads me my bedtime stories now.

Over the last few nights, while I have been talking to my boyfriend Jared on the phone, he has been telling me a story of his. He has been telling me all about his main character Shem, who has glowing eyes and stone hard strengthened skin, and a past he cannot remember. He doesn't remember how he came from The Pit....how he has Magicite within him, which is like an intelligent crystal/stone entity....and so on. There is a giant sword, the sword goes up against Shem...because it seemingly repels Magicite, which is within Shem.

I know you are probably thinking what are 'J and S' talking about!? You would really have to hear the whole story of Shem to get it. I haven't heard it all yet, and I cannot wait...but there are some really cool characters in J's story. There's Reuben who is an outgoing fighter type, very protective, and secretly has a love thing going on with Ruth. There's Ruth who was a former Nun, but she couldn't live up to following the Sacraments. Then as of last night I was introduced to Wake, who has control over water with his mind.....very cool. Aqua-telepathy or more of a kinetic thing...I dunno? So maybe I don't remember every minute detail about the characters....but I cannot wait until I know them better...personally. I hope I got all the details thus far m'love! ;)

I love Jared telling me bedtime stories. I feel so privileged to know that as a writer J wants to know what I think about his story, and that I will be the first person to know the whole story before he publishes his writings one day! I know that he didn't write the story just for me, but I find myself thinking 'this is a bedtime story just for Sarah!' Just like when my father used to read to me, I would begin to drift off away to dreamland. Now I also start drifting off to peaceful sleep (well peaceful sleep most nights. I do myself have a very overactive imagination that has me placed in some interesting and sometimes rather unpleasant dreams) after J tells me his story at bedtime.

I cannot wait to hear the rest of Shem's story my love!
-Daughter of the King

P.S. - I think J should get a blog up and running with all of his story ideas on it. Then we can all read about Shem, Crimson-Man, and Ragido and Reed Alexander..and the countless other characters I have come to love and know!

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