Love...Always Trusts

Hi everyone! I have been blogging for quite some time now on the theme of love. Today the aspect of love "we" will be exploring is trust. For todays blog entry I am putting my trust in someone whom I love very much. I am visiting my boyfriend Jared, who is an aspiring author himself. (He's really good by the way!) So I am gonna hand over the laptop now, and trust in Jared...let's see what he has to say on the aspect of love: always trusts.
"Awright, how ya'll doing? Now that I've gotten your interest with an interesting, out of character opening, let me say what an honor it is to be typing on a page I usually only have the ability to read. As they say on DeviantArt, a web site I frequently work on, it's 'Awesomenessplz'. :D
All right, now, in an effort to be of any semblance of the word serious on this, the subject today is on the subject of love, specifically in the fact that it always trusts. I know what used to go through my mind with the word 'love' every time I heard it. My imagination would start flashing images of old Disney films, complete with happy, feel good romantic endings and all the related 'sappery.' Now I am honestly all for sitting through a couple hours of animation gold, (I am an art buff, believe it or not) there was one thing about these old things that I used to not be fond of. The fact of how. . . . . . . easy it all was for those characters. Nowadays I know a bit more about storytelling, but all the same.
Love, so I have learned these past few years of the social stigmata known as adulthood, isn't so simple as finding the prince/princess/whatever the love interest was for the almighty scriptwriter's needs, boy I have learned otherwise. I had a rough n' tumble adolescence when it came to love. Lucky for me, right as I was coming into my own and starting to get just what love is, lo and behold I meet a beautiful princess (no exaggeration there, her name means princess ;) ) of my own. But, just because you have said royalty in your life, it doesn't mean you've got the perfect life ahead of you, that little fine line between 'popsicles and plum trees' and 'heck yeah, I'm Superman' (don't sue me DC, please). Oh no, it doesn't matter what the looks have to do with it, there will always be the little things you'll find to squabble about. Most of the time, you look back and realize how stupid the argument was.
Rambled a bit there....
My point is.... love is something you just have to choose to have. You have to choose to laugh with, agree to disagree with, cry with, take care of, and trust and forgive, each other. Sarah is trusting me at the moment to write out the material for an entry, which she has proven to be quite the fighting force with. She trusts me on it, and as corny and anticlimactic as that sounds, I find that it still makes-a me smile (Italian accent)
So, since I am running out of writing steam, let me be the first to say in a *shameless plug* read what this woman has to say. She doesn't know I am typing this at the moment, but she has a mind and heart you just don't see anymore, one I find myself drawn to more and more. As I end my *shameless plug* here, this is Jared, in all his good humor and odd ideas of typing in 3rd person, signing off. 'Til next time, friends!"

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