I'm back from Chillipepper 2010. It was an amazing time...everyone including myself enjoyed our time spent at Chillipepper so much! I couldn't possibly tell you everything about my going to, and chaperoning for EHBC while at Chillipepper. I will however lay out this past weekends happenings as best I can...without being too wordy and detailed. :)

We left EHBC (Jared's church) Friday afternoon and made our way towards Tennessee. We arrived at the hotel, got our luggage out and up to our rooms in the hotel, settled in and spent time talking to (for me getting acquainted with them) our roomies. I roomed with Anna (EHBC's Youth Pastor's Wife), Kelsey and Yasmin (two lovely young girls from EHBC.)

Anna & Sarah
Friday night
was the kickoff for Chillipepper 2010. Bean & Bailey (a Christian Comedian Duo Act) started the evening off and boy were they FUNNY! The band 'Rush of Fools' lead us in worship that night playing some of their songs such as "Undo." Rush of Fools was a wonderful band! Derwin Gray was our speaker that night.

Bean & Bailey
We got up, ate breakfast all together at the hotel, and then we headed off to the Miracle Theater for our 2nd day of Chillipepper. That morning Bean & Bailey hit the stage again, as well as Derwin Gray...and then 'Stellar Kart' lead us in worship...they also did a really funny punk-rock-rendition of "I Can Show You The World" from Disney's ' movie 'Aladdin.'
Stellar Kart
Saturday afternoon
we all headed out to the outlet malls together as a group, although some of us split up and went to go to the go kart place instead of shopping. Some of us stuck together for a while, and then Jared (my boyfriend), Patrick (my dear 'twisted' friend) and I went window shopping.....and to play around and be goofy in all of the different stores. We went into the sunglasses store...trying on numerous pairs of sunglasses...Pat started dancing and was GREAT! Jared, Patrick and myself wanted some crazy silly trio in need of something sweet headed towards the' Fudgery.' Pat and I started singing out loud "We want the fudge...gotta have that fudge" loud and proud for all to hear. THAT WAS SOME YUMMIFUL FUDGE...LEMME TELL YA!!! We also did the sideways crab walk...okay well, Jared and Pat did the sideways crab walk...through the store, and right outside of the Payless shoe store.

Jared, Patrick & Sarah
A.K.A. J-Rad, Saint-Pat & Sadie
Saturday evening...
Bean & Bailey...funny as usual. Jeffrey Dean was the speaker that night, and he was REALLY GREAT!!! He spoke on beauty, living our lives for God alone because we are not our own, and surrender. Then the worship/rock band FEE hit the stage to lead us into the presence of the Lord, and indeed they did! FEE WAS AMAZING!!! Pat, Jared, Me, Fabian and LaTravis all got our picture taken together with FEE!
Some of the EHBC members with Fee
Sunday...was our last day at Chillipepper. Bean & Bailey...a given at this point...and as entertaining as ever! :) Jeffrey Dean spoke again...wonderful message. Then Stellar Kart closed the show out in our 'wondyful concert series of Christian Bands!!!'
The ride back home was LONG...we got turned around and that cost us an hour...there were tornado warnings in the area that we were driving was pouring monsoon like rain...and yet God blessed us with a wonderful weekend...all of us together glorifying HIM...and a safe return back home! GOD IS AMAZING! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

-Daughter of the King

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