Chillipepper, and Random Rantings

More likely than not, I will not have much of a chance to post on my blog between now and next week sometime. I will be heading out to see my boyfriend, Jared, on Thursday afternoon (please pray for safe travels on the way there!) Friday-Sunday I will be going to 'Chillipepper,' which is an event held yearly for church groups. I will be in Tennessee, at the BIG EVENT chaperoning alongside Jared, for his church, Eastern Hills Baptist Church.

I am very excited to be going to Chillipepper; this will be my first year attending the *so I hear it is...well a very awesome time I am gonna have* event. If you are interested, in learning more about the event I will be attending this coming weekend (in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,) please visit the following website:

Tomorrow is going to be great...I've made my mind up that it will be already! God has my day in His plans already, and that is good enough for me!

Tmrw goes like this...although God always does re-writes!!! :
  • Reading my Bible, meditating and praying.
  • Going for a long walk/hike with my Grandma! Perhaps I will remember to take my camera with me this time, so as to snap a few pics of our beautiful mountain scenery in the distance! Who knows I might even post a pic. diary of our walk on here on Wednesday...
  • MAYBE get around to doing some Yoga and Rhythym Boxing.
  • I am going to be babysitting for the Naskov Family, in the evening.
  • YEAH! More reading after I put the children to bed!!!
  • Then there is the driving foot towards Home...after work of course.
  • I had better get some sleep... so I will be prepared to run errands, and pack on Wednesday for my busy-hectic-long awaited weekend (which starts early, on Thursday!)

I know I have been rambling blog readers...sorry about that! I have nothing much more to say today, and so I will leave you all with this:
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

I hope you all have an abundantly blessed week!
-Daughter of the King

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  1. Trust me, it'll all be worth every minute. But I don't to tell you THAT much, hehe.


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