Christmas Eve (2009)

This year's Christmas Eve will always remain set apart from all of the others in my mind...and heart. This year I had my boyfriend, Jared, alongside me for the Holidays! Although Jared did not stay all day Christmas Eve he was there for half of the day...well I had to share him with his family of course! The most memorable moment on Christmas Eve day was when I was walking Jared back to his car so he could leave...and I tripped/slid in the yard on the snow/ice two times...both times Jared caught me by the arm! I will always remember him! ;)

Grandma in the kitchen as always...

Uncle Dave & Grandpa Edward

Daddy & Momma

L-R: Jared, Aunt Karen, Uncle Dave & Grandpa

Sarah & Jared

Mary, Sarah & Jared

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