A quilt for Jared (Christmas '09)

I started this quilt (for my boyfriend Jared Fisher) on November 25th and finished completing it for him as a Christmas gift on December 21st. My momma helped me work on Jared's quilt A LOT! I couldn't have completed his quilt in time for Christmas without the help of my wonderful momma. The square blocks are what is called a "Bear's Paw" pattern...and the rest of the quilt was designed and constructed by momma and myself. I also added in some of my boyfriend's artwork http://www.crimson-vagrant.deviantart.com into the quilt. I think Jared was shocked not only at the fact that I made him a quilt for Christmas, but the fact that it is a quilt with HIS ARTWORK IN IT!!! A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this quilt for whom I love! (This is my first completed quilt...ever!)



  1. wow. that's an awesome present! you guys are great together! :)

  2. I love how the artwork came out in such vibrant colors! Beautiful quilt Sarah. I am sure he loves it!

  3. Thanks Brent! I would have to agree with you...Jared and I are great together! I love him! :)


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