Christmas 2009

My Cousin Kayla, and my 2nd Cousin Elizabeth "Buffy"



Kayla & Buffy

Kayla, Buffy, and my cousin in law Emily

Papaw & Mary

My cousins...Trey, Jackson & Buffy

2nd cousins...Buffy & Jackman

Kayla in her tweety bird pj's

Sarah (Me) & Trey

Playing with my lil cousins on the floor...

Uncle Steve & Kayla

The unwrapping gift chaos ensues!!! Pictured: Uncle Steve, Aunt B, Emily, Trey, Kayla & Jackson

My cousin Patrick, and his daughter, my 2nd cousin 'Buffy'

Momma finished the quilt that Grandma Gay had started, and gave it to Mamaw as a Christmas present

L-R: Alex (My cousin Nat's BF,) Buffy and Natalie
Okay so I like pretty ribbons...and I attached it to my hand...where it stayed for the rest of the day! I love ribbons....especially the sparkleh ones!!! :)

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  1. I am so glad to see a pic of that quilt for Mary! That is such a treasure to her I am sure. It is a huge quilt.. or so it looks in the pics.


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