Visiting With The Fisher Family In Asheville

I had so much fun this past week visiting with Jared's family in Asheville. Jared's family is really great! They made me feel so welcomed, at home and loved! Pastor Robin and Jared picked me up last Sunday afternoon and then we made our way to the Fisher Grandparents' house in Asheville. When I got there I was able to meet Jared's Pappaw, Mammaw, one of his aunts, Susan, two of his uncles, Keith and Tony, and some of his cousins, Lori, Eric, Kylie and Lacie.

Monday we all woke up and were greeted with a good old fashioned country mountain breakfast which Mammaw had prepared. Then Jared, Seth, his Grandmother and I headed out to the Grove Park Inn to see the National Gingerbread House Gallery. It was SO COLD when we arrived at the Grove Park Inn....a frigid 23 degrees with the wind blowing too...luckily I had a boyfriend to walk alongside me and to hold my hand while blocking the wind from me. Creativity at it's finest....fondant...shredded wheat cereal for a 'hay look' on top of the gingerbread house was all so finely crafted...and looked well.....yummy! After we finished looking at the delectable gingerbread houses, and walking around the lovely GPI we headed out for lunch. After lunch at Wendy's, Seth, Jared and I were dropped off at the Asheville Mall for a few hours...were we proceeded to go to the Game Stop, Barnes & Noble, the F.Y.E. store where we goofed off for a really long time...and many various shoe stores. Seth has a thing for cute baby shoes...oh wait...did I say that on here? Sorry Seth...I love ya! haha Strangely enough this young lady, yes, me of course....bought NOTHING at the mall! Jared and Seth were the only ones who bought something. We got picked up from the Asheville Mall just in time for we headed to Jared's Aunt (Rosalind/Rosalyn not sure which name it is exactly?) and Uncle Keith's house to have dinner with them...and of course Jared's cousins Kylie and Lacie too! During dinner Jared pretended to be asleep...head on the table...and I had to use 'crank keys' to try to wake him up...and then I resorted to putting ketchup and mustard on a fork and then I smeared it all over Jared's nose to wake him up...and then Kylie and Lacie said a kiss on his cheek was the only thing that would wake him up! Oh Jared... 'my sir sleeping handsome!' haha :) I got to see Jared's lil cousin's room...Lacie was more than happy to show me her pretty purple room. And Kylie had a really cute UNC blue colored room. Then Lacie and I went and played kitchen, and I read to her aloud upstairs while Jared and Seth played on the Wii. I believe I have a new little friend: Lacie!

Well the rest of the time was awesome...I had nothing to be nervous about...really! I also got to meet Jared's other set of grandparent's, the Bradley's...and miss Tricia's sister and her daughter Emily. I had such a wonderful time in Asheville with my boyfriend...honestly I cannot wait to go back!

L-R Seth, Jared, Lori & Sarah

Seth, Jared, Sarah, Lori & Lacie

Jared opening his gift from my momma, daddy and sister

Jared opening his gift from me: HIS QUILT!

I just finished opening my gifts from Jared, Pastor Robin, Miss Tricia and Seth

These are from my love...
It's a 'Jack Skellington' pillow and I got a Needtobreathe CD!!!

This is what I got from The Fisher Family: a willow tree figurine 'remember', some bath and body works stuff, and a beautiful pink scarf! All of the things I am I the luckiest girl alive EVER! I have Jared...and everything else I could ever want! :)

Here starts the Gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn...

Seth, Mammaw and Jared

Pretty Stained Glass Church

The Nutcracker Ballet

Seth n Jared again...

I love this one!

A bird cage...with birds inside

Jared's mosque! hehe

Old record player...

I was having Farmville I had to get a pic of this one...haha!

Another version of the nutcracker

Cool Castle...with the beanstalk...

Picture Spot...'nough said

The coolest one ever: THE GRINCH

Sonic the Hedgehog? My dear you are in fact a dorkasaurus! (goofing in the Mall at F.Y.E.)

Seth in his Ballin' Elmo Hat!

Seth 'n' Sarah...ballin' gangsta's in da makin'!

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