Still Still Still...

{In this picture: Lynette S.}
Sitting still has never been easy for me. I am not 100% sure.......but I could have ADD. 'I don't have AD- PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!' :) My attention span is short, unless however, I am learning about something of which I am heavily impassioned about, or curious about...then you have my full attention and might stand a chance at intriguing me. I am a wild tangent thinker....the proverbial rabbit hole/trail runner!

This morning I had to purpose myself to sit still, to pray, and to commune with my Heavenly Father in devotion. It was not easy for me to simply sit, letting all of my scattered thoughts, and my fears go...easing my mind so as to spend time with God alone, and not let anything of this world turn my thoughts and heart away from Him. Distractions always hit when you purpose yourself to sit still and just BE WITH GOD...voices, odd sounds, seeing my messy disorganized room which needs to be in order for me to think straight out of the corner of my wandering eye, thinking about what will happen next in my life (seen in cartoon/scenarios) within my cloudy headed mind.

The moment I decided to sit still and spend some quality devotion time with Him this morning, opening my devotional book, I was going to read January 11th...well I read the page and the 'power verse' for the day was: "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You" (Isaiah 26:3.) Only after prayer, thinking on the verse(s) I had read I realized that I had read February 11th instead of January 11th's daily devotion! God had a plan...and He knew that I would be so scatter-brained like I typically am, so as to not pay attention enough to notice that I had read out of February instead of January....and within that devotion held the exact message I needed to hear, and hold close in my heart today.

God is mysterious, wonderful, unfathomable, timely, leading, moving.......on and on.....endlessly seeking after my heart daily! This daughter loves her King mightily and endlessly!!!

In the stillness...
-Daughter of the King

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