embracing his timing

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oh, how this ^ speaks to me right now. dear-hearts, i am in the midst of packing and moving and finishing up last minute wedding details, and all the while i am trying not to drown in a sea of bittersweet emotions. and this - this photo i stumbled upon from GodVine - was just the most perfect of pick-me-ups.

can i ask something of you? would you mind covering jared and i in prayer? prayer for my emotions as i transition into becoming a wife, prayer for my move across the state this weekend, prayer for my new job, and prayer for our soon-to-be-marriage.

mind if i stop and pray here for you and i right now?

Lord . . .  
when stress makes us believe that things have to be within our control, or else our world will fail and we'll fall to pieces, please re-direct our hope, our faith, our thoughts, back towards your chosen path for us. help us to find that steadfast faith in you - kicking stress to the curb. that faith which drowns out the prideful act of worrying and stressing. let us be found; truly reassured that you have a plan for us, even in the midst of BIG CHANGES and UNCERTAINTY. we lay our fears and stress before you, and ask that you would graciously deliver us - one by one - until there is nothing left but trust in your wonderful plans for us.

in Jesus' name. amen. 

be blessed, dear-hearts. 
embrace today for all of its potential.