for such a time as this: five long years of self discovery

I've been blogging for over five years. Note that I said for over five years because I'm not writing this post on the exact to-the-day fifth year anniversary of my blog. Why? Because I forgot my own blog's birthday. What can I say? Life just demands to be paid attention to more attentively during certain seasons of our lives, and especially in this one . . . this brave-hearting season for myself. I'm okay with this, oddly enough, because this simply means that I have successfully accomplished what I set out to do at the very beginning of this yearlive more, and do it bravely.

And in case anyone is wondering . . . my actual five year blogging anniversary was on July 11th. About a month ago to be precise.  

I'll confess to you and myself right now that somewhere along the way I feel as if I've lost and found and found and lost my writer's voice here on this blog. I'm not even completely sure what this means for myself at the moment. I'm quite disheartened at the moment because I feel as if I've lost my writer's mojo or something, but I still desperately want to continue writing here because I truly do love this blog and I really don't want to give up on it, or you, my faithful readers.

So what does this all mean?

After much hemming and hawing I've decided to keep writing here at Oh, Restless Bird, even though I've often doubted my ability to continue doing so many times already this year. I think I must continue to write though, because it's the brave-hearted thing to do. And brave-heart . . . that is the One Word I boldly chose to cling to in twenty-fourteen, is it not? So then I must actively pursue this life of brave-heartingThe writing must also carry on, as it has and will continue to do so, because it challenges my deep-seeded fears and elevates myself to the status of brave-hearted seeker instead of just being the restless identity-seeking girl.

Therefore I gladly welcome this new reinvention of self once more. I am a woman who is now fiercely declaring brave despite the fear that has taken up residence within herself. I’m also not afraid to admit that every step – both good and bad   have lead me to a place where I’ve come to realize just how proud I am of who I was in the past, who I am in the now, and who I have still yet to become. Even though my earlier blog posts still make me cringe a little when I read back through them. I am still proud that they’re frozen in time here, because without every single blog post that was painstakingly written I would not be who I am today. I would never have known this voice of mine. And for that I am eternally grateful.

So, thank you, dear-heart. Thank you, endlessly, for following me for five long years. Thank you for following my journey from the discovery stage, to the restless stage, and finally to the roaring (yet taking time to live outside of the blogosphere) brave-heart woman stage. It means the world to me – and just so you know, the silence as of late should be no indication that I am giving up on me or you or this blog, okay?

I am privileged to accept the task of writing here for however many more years God allows me to share my messy brave-hearting adventuring ways through embracing this life of mine alongside all of you.

With all the gratitude I possess,