Walking With The Wildlife

Well, today was quite interesting. I went for a walk with my grandma this morning...and it only got better from there on out! As Grandma and I were walking and talking as we moved along, glancing all around and taking in the beauty of the blue mountains standing in the distance; we had two little puppies follow us and stake claim on grandma and I both as part of their walking posse. They were very sweet little puppies.

I almost tripped over the little black and white girl pup, as she decided to station herself to my right flank, moving over from my left side under my feet...and then I noticed that she had quite a few large burs stuck in her hair on her face, and behind her ears. (Of course I know if you talk to a dog that is following you, or show kindness with gestures or words the dog will usually follow you around "like a lost pup.") I could not leave that animal there, burs stuck all in her face and ears...just couldn't do it. So, I knelt down on the side of the road, next to the cow pasture, and began to pluck the spiky little brown spheres out of her fur. "Dixie" as I affectionately like to think of her being named...yes I know that you are NOT supposed to name critters, because then you become attached to them...well anyway, she thanked me after I had removed all of the burs from her head by kissing me on the palm.

Cow Pasture seen on our walk together..."Dixie," a border collie/mix, ran under the barbed wire fence to chase the cows around...and she succeeded in doing so, she had those poor cows running all over that field!

I think that this old house is so beautiful...I often wonder about the family that once inhabited the old broken down home...every time we pass this house it makes me want to think up a story...

Well, we just couldn't seem to get rid of "Dixie" and "Cody." I even went up to someone's house, who I assumed to be the owner of the puppies...well it wasn't...luckily the woman was very gracious with me for bothering her.

My feet started hurting right about the time we made it to our road...so yes I am wearing shorts in January, and yes, I also took my shoes off...looks like I need a pedicure! :P

"Cody" & "Dixie"

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  1. The little brown one is very cute! I am glad you are walking with your Grandma!


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