The Wine Press (Revisited)

You've gently carried me and set me down, into the wine press. Now the wine can begin to flow.

I am still not through being pressed, but I no longer feel in duress when You push and press me harder.

You have a plan that is greater than I. The sword of one's self is called to be tempered in the fire. The tempering will come, though I will not be alone...always alongside me you will be. Oh Lord...the wine of life is You! Temper and press me on...harder and harder.

The wine grows darker, but then becomes somehow is You pouring through into the wine. Your sweet spirit and saving grace are bleeding through.

Open up Your floodgates and pour down Your wine upon me. Please prevent evil from attacking my vineyard and with me for all of time. Keep pressing down on me Lord.

Fill my cup and set my sword ablaze. Let the wine of life flow out from within me...and let the sword of myself sing in the sun eternally.

~Malachi 3:10-11~

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