Merry Christmas To All...

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all will come to reflect upon all that God has given you this year...all the blessings that HE has poured upon you. HE gave his son for us...and now what can we give to/for HIM? I want to give HIM all of gratitude, love, praise and is HIS for the taking...for it was HE who bestowed HIS grace and love upon me.

God has already given me many 'ultimate' gifts this year:
  • Jared Fisher...whom I love more and more each day
  • Willingness to step out of my cozy little comfort zone box
  • Wonderful piano students
  • Babysitting jobs...when I couldn't find work...HE provided for me!
  • Finding beauty from pain...HE alone uses ALL THINGS to HIS eternal glory!
  • Allowing me to go to FUGE...chaperoning....and letting God speak...
  • New friends...even the old ones...they have 'refined' me, as iron sharpens iron
  • A speak up for HIM...and for myself too
  • God using me in the lives of others...because I finally stepped out and just went with the flow, letting HIM use me as HE wanted to...and as HE planned to all along

May you all have a blessed New Year's as well! I will probably not post any new blog entries for the next week or so. I will be traveling, visiting with family...meeting Jared's extended family for the first time...all that said I will be away from Home until January 1st. Please pray that my travels will be safe, and that wherever I go during this holiday season...pray that I will be reflection of Christ...who was sent to die and bleed for us all! Thank you for reading my blog...may you be blessed abundantly by HIM!

Much Love,

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