A Wintry Woodland Walk

Here I am...heading into the woods on our collective 10 acre homestead's land (the 10 acres includes my grandparent's property...whom I live next door to.)

Leaves gathered together in ice

I can see the path ahead that looks best to make my way down to our creek...it was a bit tricky heading down to the creek...but I enjoyed my mini excursion into the snow and woods.

I am standing on the hill...in between the two hills lies the creek down below...

I stopped to take a picture of myself...the lighting was great...and yes, I was simply tuckered out from trudging through the heavy deep snow in the woods...so I happened to be leaning up against this tree.

My feet sunk into the snow, about 8 inches in to the ground, after I started to move on again towards the creek below.

And here lies our creek...the creek was not frozen over...it was flowing steadily.

Look...a fern...a sign of life within this wintry cold bleakness...

I started walking back up from the creek...up the hill again I go!

I think this is absolutely beautiful...thorns intertwined and encased in the ice.


  1. Wait.. this blog post is totally a new story than the one I read yesterday. LOL. Loved both stories! I really like the white witch line...

    Oh.. and is it cause I am an old lady that my blog didnt make your list? LOL

  2. I don't know why.....but I never get any of the feed from your blog...and it doesn't show up as one to choose to post on my 'blogs I read list.'

  3. Yes your used to do the very same for me.. so I had to un-follow you and then become a follower again.. that is why you seen my face and names change on your follow list. It was a joke though.. really. I love your new layout.


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