Arcadia (5-22-08)

Dear Lord give me peace in knowing that my heart is in Your hands...I felt as if I was slipping from Your grip...alone by myself.

I was feeling left out, lost and all alone and then I felt the warmth of Your love...'hold on darling he will come!'

You are all I want! You are all I need! You are my everything!

You spoke to me and said, 'someday...someday soon, wait until it is your turn. Thank you my daughter for remaining pure. Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.'

You are carrying me...You oh Lord know my desires and dreams. I carry them within my heart...unwilling to walk away from them...never to drift apart. Only you know...only...

I was finding it hard to trust that You would one day bring me to my Mr. Darcy.

Now my heart is in Your hands. No longer do I worry that Mr. Darcy will never come along. My heart is now set wholly on You!

You have brought me to this place of peace. This arcadia...I have found in You.

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