His Little Lamb (9-14-08)

He is my protector, and I am His to guard.
Everything I need I have when I am living wholly in Him...my Shepherd, Provider, Saviour-Friend.

I am His Lamb. If broken legs need I have...perhaps they became broken because of my own choosing or out of dire need for My King to grasp my attention...not following His Master Plan! Let beauty from the painful broken times, become my lesson learned.

You bring me peace...when I cannot lie down and rest. I grab Your Word and I read and read and everything becomes as a stream...gently flowing...crystal clear to me...finally. I know there will be suffering, but I also know You will pick me up and carry me...broken legs and all.

Your grace and forgiveness restoreth my soul! When cloaked entirely in You, I begin to breathe life into these empty bones...please keep on breathing into me! Forgive me...Your Son had to die for me...mere me...Your little lamb...thank you for His atonement!

Even though I walk through the shadows of pain and of fear, You are right there walking alongside me. I can feel You leading me through the shadows, even though their cast of vast darkness leaves me wandering and delusional. When I stray away from You, You come looking for me...the one little lamb.

I am anointed, because I live within You. When I fully trust within You...oh how You bless me! I can feel it...my cup it overfloweth!

Your goodness and loving kindness will now follow me because I am your little lamb, and You my shepherd. Please keep watch over me always...'til the end of my days.

I will remain, forever Your's. I will dwell in Your House forever and ever...Amen.

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