P&P...not the movie...

I am not going to be talking about the book/movie 'Pride & Prejudice.' Nosiree.....instead I want to talk about two very interesting topics that my Momma and I have been talking about lately. These two 'P&P' topics have also been on my heart lately too. I have needed to get these out of my mind for a few days, but I haven't sat down long enough to work on writing anything.

I am talking about: Perspective & Perception.

Life is greatly influenced by how we perceive (what we see or get out of) things and our perspective (how we see them in our minds and hearts.) It is all relative....in that your outlook and positivity shapes how you function and react to the world...and to God! (Proverbs 3:5-6).

I myself know all too well about having a poor perspective...seeing things like an 'Eeyore' when I should have been a 'Tigger!' I also know that when you are in the middle of having a poor attitude or in the middle of being depressed....self pitying sort of a thing...your perception is vastly different than if your perception of everyone and everything around you was positive.

Have you ever thought that when you are depressed or struggling to see joy in life and your perception and perspective is struggling immensely...just maybe...God is trying to seek you out? Don't you know that HE wants you and your whole heart....HE longs for you to dwell with and to commune with HIM! I KNOW that God uses all situations to HIS ETERNAL GLORY!

HE has used my being depressed for many months on end (not now but earlier this year) to temper me, to make me stronger and ever more resilient. Yes, I will not lie, it was not fun going through trials and heartaches...but you know what? I think HE let me go through it so that I would seek HIM out wholeheartedly. I had hit rock bottom as far as perception and perspective on my life and life in general was concerned. God wanted the key to my heart....and HE wanted me to make the choice to give it to HIM! You know HE is all about some free will...haha! (My God holds the key to my heart now... more than ever!)

As of late I have begun to see the world in a whole new light...and even my Heavenly Father in a new light! God didn't let me struggle through all Spring and Summer long for no reason at all! I am sure God did not let those things happen to me...but HE sure has used them in my life. My spirit, my outlook, my perception, ad my perspective on life and God has changed immensely. HE let my heart go through some rough scarring times....but did you know that scar tissue is the strongest type of tissue?!

God alone is changing my heart, and my perspective and perception of HIM, the world around me, and the people in it. God is making known the paths HE has set before me. I may not know where I am ultimately going...but I sure know which way I am headed. I am filled with joy and righteousness because HE is joy and righteousness! God is going to use me...if my perspective on the life HE has given me to live is lived out for HIM to HIS eternal glory...whom and what shall I fear? ...nothing. My perception of the world around me and the people who also reside in it alongside me has changed greatly since I have become filled with joy.

I know that I am ranting, but I am just SO passionate on everyone finding their joy in life in HIM! We only have one life to live, might as well live it to the fullest...joyfully to God's glory! I am not saying life is always going to be a 'big bowl of cherries,' or that things will always be 'peachy' but rather that you and I have the choice to live the life God gave us with a joyful positive outlook on life...or you can be a 'sour gummie worm!' The choice is yours!

"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." -Psalms 16:11

All of this said...I choose to be joyful, to love, to worship HIM, and to not worry about the new year that is rapidly approaching. I will instead of worrying, having a bad perception, and having a negative perspective on life choose to be joyful and see the hidden blessings in disguise! I will choose to lean on God. I will choose to pour out my heart...loving unconditionally wholly others and myself. I will choose to see things in a whole new light. I will choose to view the world not as a hopeless case...but a world full of lost brother's and sister's in Christ who are living in the dark...who need a loving Saviour! I WILL BE A LIGHT...EVEN IN THE DARKEST OF TIMES!!!

-Sarah Elizabeth
PS- There is a bonus...we get to spend eternity with our loving Father God in Heaven! Now tell me that doesn't make you jump for joy!? :)

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