Words Found Ordered Into Silver

When I feel as if I'm getting stressed, I pull out my paper and pen in duress.

What I really am feeling, and really am thinking, becomes crystal clear when ordered into words on notebook paper...like words set in silver they are written aptly down.

Writing...it is what I do when I need to think things through, or just sit and write my thoughts out to You.

The parchment and pen have become akin to me, especially when I am in dire need of letting my feelings and thoughts break free.

With pen in hand I become as the Phoenix, wild and free, set aflame, swiftly soaring...although not through the air, but rather the English language.

When words spoken aloud, outside the walls of my home, I seem to choke. Words ordered dutifully onto paper though, seem to make this old soul become reborn!

~Proverbs 25:11~

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