"Greater Than I" (re-written)

You have a plan that is greater than I.

I cannot see your plans spring forth 'til
after the fire. Only after the smoke starts
to clear I finally begin to see.

Oh Lord You are greater than I!

When will the new life sprout up out of
the ashes? I hope this turbulent storm
of the mind passes.

How can I possibly comprehend that I am
no longer in control...and never really was?

Oh Lord You are greater than I!

It's so hard, please let me overthrow myself
and give you all of me mind and soul!

...greater than I.

I'm drifting in time, and I can't seem to find a
second when I hear Your voice speaking to me,
leading me, telling me everything's gonna be fine...
at least I hear nothing lately.

My Lord, Your enduring love and all that You are
is greater than I!

I want to give You all of me...I am no longer
in control...to You I belong...with all my heart!

Lord You alone are greater than I!

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