Merry Christmas From: Soli Deo Gloria Music Studio

I love teaching piano more than anything in the world...well there are other 'things' and 'persons' that I love equally or more than too! :) Today I got to teach two of the most diligent students I have ever had. DeeAnna and Kenneth are such a joy for me to teach. Both of my students learn in such different ways, even different than how I myself learn...and yet I am able to teach them weekly and share with them my love and joy of music! DeeAnna and Kenneth (and Mrs. Pounders) were so very thoughtful and bought me a lovely gift...candy cane cocao...tree bark...and Mary Kay lotion and eye makeup. Thank you so much guys!!! Thank you God that I still have my two piano students left...they bring such joy and meaning to my life and without them I do not know what I would do!

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