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"Already Home"
Lyrics By: Thousand Foot Krutch

The trouble with truth is it never lies
And the trouble with wrong's
That it is never right
So I rest my head under Your light
The trouble with peace, is it never fights
And the trouble with love's
That it's always blind
I want to walk to the edge of it
Tonight, and I fall down
I am on my knees

'Cause You're everything I need
And I've made a mess of myself
On my own
Now I am on my face
And I'm calling out Your name
And I won't run away
'Cause I'm already home

The trouble with tears is that they dry
And the trouble within
Made me wanna cry
I've never felt so much like I'm alive
I wanna open my eyes and see Your face
If I have to wait a thousand days
I'll still be right here, right next to You
And I fall down

And I know I haven't always been
Where You wanted me
I'm standin' here, arms out
Broken down
Before You

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