Jo March...

Well....I watched 'Little Women' today! Every time I watch that movie my heart is filled to the brim with warmth and happiness! I love it when Professor Frederik Behr and Jo March are standing out in the rain under his umbrella.....he says that he has nothing to give her, his hands are empty, then Jo reaches out to grasp hold of his hand and she replies "they're not empty now." '...with all of my heart!' Such a wonderful movie....I still get teary eyed every time I watch it! Not many movies, or stories for that matter can surpass 'Little Women.' It is a beloved favorite of mine....and I will watch it over and over vicariously through the girls and their lives within the movie and story!

Anyway, I took a quiz....and as it turns out: I am a dreamer, loyal, and a bit of a tomboy...I am like Josephine March! :)

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  1. Yes I too recently watched this, as I told you one day last week that Henry and I would watch it when we were putting up our tree. I was so happy to buy this film for Kierstyn and introduce her to it as well!


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