Home Away from Home: Day 2

so every time I go back to my home town I absolutely love to go visit Lori's New & Used Bookstore. I came in with a stack of books ready to be turned in for trade credit, and trade credit I got! I took in 5 books and got $8.25 trade credit for them.

Me & Lynette in the bookstore. I was so happy to be visiting Lori's once again...and I got out under $13.00 spent on books...and I still got a nice stack for Jared and I.

After going to Lori's Used Bookstore on Friday we went to go pick Henry up from school and then us girls+ one guy headed to Red Lobster for a late lunch. We had so much time laughing and talking together at our booth. You know you have 'forever friends' when you are away from one another for a long time, but when you're back together again conversation and your friendships just fall right back into place where we last left off.

I ordered Shrimp Linguine Alfredo.....DELICIOUS! :)

After lunch we went to the sports place....Henry wanted to show us how much weight he could bench press. Henry lifted about 110 lbs. I believe.

.....and I bench pressed the weight bar which weighed around 45 lbs.

My book haul......two Manga books for me, a novel for me, and three R.A. Salvatore books for Jared.

This is the vase Lynette bought for me as a 'just because' present. Thanks Lyn!

To end our evening Mary and Henry had a cake decorating creative off....

Bubby's cake

Sissy's Cake

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  1. Such cute cakes! And I love a good book find, although my hubby is much better at finding them then I am, I'm just good at reading them! I'm glad you are having such a good time with old friends! It's refreshing I'm sure!


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