Exciting Movies Are Coming...

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Okay, so usually I am not Marvel's biggest fan. The only reason I normally will sit through a Marvel movie is because my boyfriend wants to watch one. Jared is quite nerdy....just check out his blog and you'll understand. I'm nerdy too, but anyway...... The only Marvel movies I really like are Spider Man 1 & 2 (they ruined the 3rd one imho), X-Men Origins (not really a fan of the other ones in the series, just that one) and Ghost Rider. However, that all said I had thought after seeing what the comic version of Thor looks like (totally retarded looking really *seen at the top of the post*) that the movie would look stupid, but I think quite the opposite now that I've seen the trailer. The Thor of Marvel comics acclaim looks rather silly to me compared to that of the epic brutish looking viking Thor that is played by Chris Hemsworth in the movie adaptation of the character. Needless to say I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVE!!!

Another pirates film.....just what Sarah ordered so very long ago that she had thought that they had forgotten her order...that it would never make it to her table. lol Well, the movie does come out around my birthday. May here I come! Seriously though, even without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly I am STILL super excited about seeing this movie. Instead of the usual we get Penelope Cruz alongside Johnny Depp......mermaids, zombies and Blackbeard.....sounds EPIC to me. Who's with me? *ARGH*

It looks interesting that's all I can really say about this one....that and the fact that I am a BIG Harrison Ford fan.

Johnny Depp, oh how I "HEART" you! I have only recently, within the last year or so, started getting into watching animated films again.....and I'm not sorry that I have! A chameleon who doesn't know how to blend in? Hilarious.

Mia Wasikowska, the young woman from "Alice In Wonderland", is back on the big screen again. Woohoo! I love the story of Jane Eyre.....my fave currently being the Masterpiece Theatre version of course!  I was really quite pleased to hear that they are remaking this film for the 3rd time (4th if you include the tv series one.) I cannot wait to see this version. *eep* =)

Jack. Black. Need I say more?


This looks quite intriguing.....not sure what to make of this one yet, but I do love Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon so it can't be horrible....can it? I think I need to read the book "Water for Elephants" first before I see this though. [edit: I just found out from a friend of mine that the book has some mature adult content. I do hope that they will not add that adult content in.....because this film looks quite interesting to me!]

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 You guessed it.....Sherlock Holmes 2 comes out this year! I wonder which villain will show up this time.......

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I'm not sure what the rating on this movie will be yet, but I am curious to find out how they are gonna turn "Breaking Dawn" the book into a movie. This should be interesting..............

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Part 2 is coming.....and the story is coming to a close. I cannot wait. =)

So what movies are you looking forward to seeing in 2011?


  1. I had already planned to do a post just like this today! I may do one anyway because there are some movies on my list that aren't on yours! I do want to see Cowboys and Aliens and Jane Eyre and my calendar is marked for Water For Elephants. Started the book last night! I think this movie will really put Robert on the map as a great actor outside of Twilight. And of course BREAKING DAWN!!! And the rest of Harry Potter!

  2. You go right on ahead Alaythea, because as I was putting my own movie post together yesterday I saw where a bloggy friend of mine posted all of the movies he was excited about seeing this year....and I asked him if he'd think I was being a copy-cat if I posted my blog entry about the movies I want to see and he jokingly said "Hey, cut and paste. We have different readers!" lol

  3. What a fun post, Sarah! I'm really looking forward to some of these too. Most notably POTC and Sherlock Holmes 2! And Rango, of course. :D

    Oh, and I'm not usually too crazy about Marvel/super hero type movies either, but Thor looks like it might be good. Have you ever seen the Iron Man movies? I just recently watched them for the first time, and I love them! ;)

  4. {Lindsay} I have seen Iron Man (because Jared loves that movie!!) which was just okay for me, but it definitely wasn't a fave of mine.

    I didn't even know that there was going to be a 4th POTC movie until a few weeks ago and ever since then I've been thinking about it!! =)

  5. I can't wait to see Thor!!

  6. I've never seen the first Sherlock Holmes movie, but I need to. I loved the books to death.

    And as a rabid Johnny Depp fan, I'm seriously excited about the new POTC. I had seen the trailer for Rango a while back too and it looks kind of cute as well. :)


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