Fave Movies From 2010

"Alice In Wonderland" March 5th 2010
L~R: Sadie (Me), J-Rad (Jared) and Saint Pat (Patrick)

Last year was such a GREAT year for movies. Honestly, I can say that I went to the movie theatre more last year than I have any other year of my life.....like ever. I saw most of the movies in this post (below) on the Big Screen, with a few exceptions of course. I did not see "How To Train Your Dragon" until last week (we got it from Netflix) and I'm in love with that little draconic quirkfest (!!), and I went and saw "Tron: Legacy" on January 1st with my guy. Tron was Uh-Mazing lemme tell you, and I am so glad that I got to see it in I-Max 3-D too...it was my first time seeing an I-Max movie and I'd wager that I made a pretty good choice on which movie to see for my first

Well, my lovelies, listed below are my top fave movies from 2010:


I watched this movie for the first time on an in-home date night with Jared at the suggestion of his lovely mother, Tricia. I am in love with this movie....Ireland, Matthew Goode and a cute story line. :) This movie is probably one of THE CLEANEST rom-com movies I have seen in a long while.

Okay, so I actually went with Jared on Valentine's Day to go see this movie. I wasn't sure what we were in store for, but Jay and I both loved the film....and not to mention the Satyr named "Grover" looked just our Bible Group Leader from FUGE where Jay and I first met....so that was, yeah, weird! =P

This movie was everything you could be in want of in a Burtonian film. (Yes, I am in love with Burton's films!) I went to go see this in 3D with Jared, "Saint Pat" (my other best guy friend), Mary (my lil sis) and Momma and I am pretty sure that it is safe to say that we all collectively LOVED IT!!! 

I have watched this movie 3 times this week....seriously. Like I said earlier this film is a Draconian Quirkfest that is ripe with a well thought out and entertaining story, interesting and well executed voice acting by brilliant actors such as Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler and America Ferrara. Toothless (the dragon) is very cat-like and just plain adorable in this movie...also, one of my fave side characters was Fishlegs who was basically a Dragon Stats Nerd...he was uber cool and kept Jay and I laughing out loud! *!!!Rock On Fellow Nerds Of All Kinds!!!*

I love Nicolas Sparks because his love stories are more likened to that of real life romance. I may not agree with certain characters' dress, language, drinking and other things that are glimpsed within this movie.....but if you don't take things from a stand point of "What can I possibly learn from this film?" you might just miss out on some awesome movies and stories, this one included. The Last Song made me laugh and cry, and I loved every second of it. I usually am NOT a Miley Cyrus fan at all, but in this film she was GREAT and didn't rub my nerve endings raw. If you watch this grab some *KLEENEX!!!* 

Okay, so this film was fairly predictable, but that is quite okay with me because I still found myself entranced by Sophie and her travels through Verona to find Juliet her Romeo. I will admit that I do NOT AGREE with the whole pre-honeymoon trip that is going on in this film....gosh society is so messed up...really...but over all this romance was pretty clean and loads of fun to watch.

While Eclipse is my favorite book out of the Twilight Saga it is NOT my favorite movie out of the Saga (New Moon is). I still loved the movie....it's just that there are things that I wished would've been done differently. For instance, the movie frames seem to jump too quickly from one scene to the next so it feels all splicey and the like, the movie is a tad too dark to see well in certain areas...and of course I would've elaborated on the scenes when Jasper and Rosalie reminisce and tell Bella of their lives as humans then turned to vampires. At the end of the day the story is one of a young woman trying to find herself, a vampire who is trying to fight the urge to fall into his 'sin-nature/bloodlust' for humans and the ultimate fight of good versus evil. I still loved it after all that said... See my review of this film HERE.

With this movie I was thoroughly impressed. Really my only qualms with the movie is that if they don't make a sequel *ahem Shyamalan you'd better busy yourself mister!* the ending to this film will probably leave you and I both peeved, oh, and the movie could have been longer, but other than those two things this movie is probably in my top ten fave movies ever. Katara, the main female lead, is headstrong and ready to fight for what is right (gosh I love this gal!), much like myself which is why I probably fell in love with her character because she is kinda like me (is that narcissistic of me to say?) after all. While Buddhism/Taoism does play a part throughout this film, you shouldn't not watch it because of this, instead watch it and perhaps see what you can learn about that particular Religion and Worldview so that you can defend your faith all the stronger. *Just a tip*

The idea that magic is scientifically driven and isn't so much spirit or satanic driven is a pretty cool theory for a film in my book. Plus, where else can you find a charming nerd (Jay Baruchel) and a very cool old man (Nicolas Cage) in a leather trench coat who are trying to save the world from the evil Sorceress Morgana le Fay and do so in unimaginable mad scientist ways! *Mwahaha* The soundtrack in this movie is just superb. I mean where else are you gonna hear OneRepublic put up against Jimmy Eat World, honestly? I was so uber thrilled to hear the Jimmy Eat World (I am a BIG FAN) song "The Middle" as the opening song....well, okay, not exactly the opening song, but watch the movie and you'll know what I mean okay! I absolutely love love love this film!

Jared and I went to go see this movie, just in time before it left theatres really. We both loved the film by the way. While this is MY numero uno fave movie of 2010 Jared's happens to be "Tron: Legacy." I won't gush too much about this movie though, but if you'd like to hear more on it you can read my review of the movie HERE.

This movie was the cutest! My momma, sister and I all thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Ramona Quimby is quirky, imaginative, cute as a boot (I love cute boots!!....uh oh...digressing) and she thinks that the word GUTS is a curse word (which was just too presh by the way, hehe!) This movie made me think a lot about the movie "Bridge To Terabithia", as I am a fan of kiddo movies where the story is good, there are laughs to be had and the kiddos are uber imaginative (like I was as a kid.) Watch it with your sister....you won't be sorry! =)

After having read all 7 of the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Series books I have to say that this movie is THE CLOSEST to the books out of all of them. This movie has everything. Period. Now before you get all jumpy on me and say "You're a Christian so why on earth do you watch Harry Potter?" let me explain why I've read the books and watched the movies. My mother and father have always believed that if you censor things way too much for your children and don't let them decipher and learn things for themselves that the world will rule them and that they will be defenseless against being able to stand up for their faith strongly...they will be at a loss as to how to fight the dark if you don't know it's tricks (not saying you should experiment, just saying you should be well rounded on understanding different Worldviews so you can defend you Christian faith). All this said, the HP books and movies may have been aimed towards children, but I myself wouldn't let my own children watch the movies or read the books until they are teenagers who have their faith grounded in the Lord. So watch, listen, explore, discuss and read with caution dear bloggers.

Harry Potter is a story of sacrifice, love, dark, light, good, evil, friendship, perseverance, freedom fighting, and a plethera of others... Now while I know witchcraft is wrong and is against the Lord our God, I see so much good within the HP series that could be discussed....believe you me, there's so much discussion material within the books and movies, and I've had many great and fun long conversations about the books and movies and about their Worldview with both my parents. Pray about it. Watch it if you want to play Worldview Decipher, much like how you'll have to in "The Last Airbender" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" too, okay.

This was the first I-Max 3-D movie I ever saw and I am proud to claim this movie as my first! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I sat down in the theatre seat, but I was prepared to welcome the new sci-fi film with arms and mind wide opened. The visualizations, actors, soundtrack and story line were awesome....the whole disc gladiator-esque games thing were my favorite scenes in the movie. You don't even want me to start talking about Garret Hedlund and his Ducati okay, you just don't! lol

So what was YOUR fave movie of 2010?


  1. We did like How To Train Your Dragon, but we kinda have to like kid's movies having a kid ourselves! We took Bug to see it and she loved it. Leap Year, Letters To Juliet and The Last Song were all great (minus Miley Cyrus of course!) Twilight/Eclipse was great, of course!!! Was kinda disappointed with Alice to be honest, not nearly as captivating as I had hoped for. Dying to see Harry Potter still, just haven't had a chance yet. I thought The Last Airbender had THE worst acting and script of all time - it was laughable! And I've heard the same about Tron so I haven't made any effort to see it yet. This year though has a TON of movies I'm dying to see, I've been marking my calendar!!!

  2. Yup!!
    Agreed on...
    Alice in Wonderland
    How To Train Your Dragon
    and Inception (though I haven't seen it yet...HAHA :D)

    Have heard good and bad about the others...need to check 'em out!


  3. Yes, Inception was my favorite too! And what about Toy Story 3? I loved that one! :)

  4. My faves were definitely Leap Year, Letters to Juliet (usually not my kind of movie but I really enjoyed it!!), and Alice and Wonderland will definitely remain in my collection! Its a classic! :)

  5. i love almost all the ones you mentioned. havent seen Avatar the Last Airbender though. i love the tv series...and was afraid that they runined it in the movie...but if you say its good...

  6. {Ashley} I've only watched a few episodes of the animated series, but I like it a lot too! My boyfriend is an avid fan of the original series, and was only disappointed with the live action film minorly....due to the length and development of some of the characters, but other than that Jared really like the movie too! =)


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