what i've been...

That you are indeed an overly OCD type personality person if/when you rehearse your prayers to the Lord in your head before you pray them...guess I am doubly prayed up then, huh?

That I need a Church family....it's surely time to plug into Element Church for me.

That my Amazon Kindle is the best purchase that I've made in a looooong time!!

That I missed my piano keys like crazy, so I started practicing daily again!! :-}

That I need to get a daily schedule written down for myself to follow...devo time with my best friend God included into that schedule too!!

Listening to: 

*Pause my main player on my sidebar to listen to my newfound fave tunes!!*

Reading on my Kindle:

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I have only just read through the prologue and the first two chapters of this book thus far, but I am really enjoying it so far...and it's always super cool to read a book that was written by a blogger friend I must admit!! :)

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Now, while I know that this book is for tweens I have still enjoyed reading my way through this devotional thus far. I really love the way Nancy Rue connects with her young female readers....so I will admit right here and right now that I hope to have a book published that is similar to hers, but written by me of course, out one day for you all to read!!
 *I once took a writer's workshop for a weekend when I was in elementary/middle(?) school and Nancy Rue was my writing mentor whom I loved learning from and working with.*

How to make waffles. I made waffles for the first time ever today. I am usually a pretty good cook, but I have to puff myself up with confidence before I usually step foot in the kitchen to do more of the cooking that requires things like measuring, i.e. baking my arch nemesis. Today was a good day in the kitchen though. I managed to measure all of the ingredients right, didn't burn down the kitchen and my chocolate waffles were oh so delicious!! :)

Hearing From God:
 Sarah, you need to just LET GO. *There'll be more on this in a later post!!* =)
P.U.S.H.- Pray Until Something Happens


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I recently watched this with Jared (my bf) for the second time, and I absolutely a-DORRIT!! =P

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I just started watching season 3 of Lark Rise To Candleford last night and I am already head over heels about watching through this seasons episodes. This show is heart-warming, quirky, charming, full of intrigue and friendly faces that you'll come to know and love...what more could you want? Of course I love most everything from BBC, and Lark Rise To Candleford is no exception. I was very excited to find out that they are going to be doing a 4th season of the show....now us Americans must just sit around and wait for its release I suppose... If you haven't watched this show you NEED TO.


So, I really do wanna know... What have you been discovering about yourself, listening to, reading, learning, hearing from God and watching lately? 

I've really enjoyed writing these quirky short "What I've Been..." posts and I think I shall continue to do so. What do you think, dearest blogger lovelies? Just so you know, I don't mind copy cats, as long as you let me know you've written a "What I've Been..." post so that I can check out your most current happenings too!! :-)

With many things yet to discover within her life...


  1. i love the little dorrit series!!!! i couldnt stop watching them!

  2. Love it! It is keeping me in touch with you! I also love the Cranford series, your momma spoiled me that way!

  3. That book looks and sounds interesting! I've never made waffles before...at least that I remember. Someday I hope we get a waffle machine.


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