Sacred Vessel-Restored By Christ (part 1)

Have you ever stopped to meditate on what is written in John ch. 4?

"A lowly sin-filled fallen daughter of the king is spoken to by Jesus at the well...He lets her know just how much her life is worth to He alone is her redeeming Messiah. He is ready to redeem her...who is so unworthy of His grace & love. How awesome is He? ...that He would even speak to her, and care for her so deeply regardless of the sinful life she leads. He offers, if she will open up her heart to Him, eternal life. He says to her my living waters will quench your thirst will thirst no more!"

I don't know about you, but I feel so thankful just knowing that Jesus stops and talks to my heart daily. On many an occasion He has spoken so resonatingly, when I was feeling alone and needed His living waters to flow into my lowly empty vessel. Everyday He speaks whether in a "Whisper or a Clamor" (play on words...ANBERLIN.) Even though I am so undeserving of even hearing His voice, or feeling his magnificent love He still fills my vessel. My worries seem to drown away in His love. ...I really never thought about the impact of Jesus talking to this Samaritan woman at the well..proclaiming that He was the Saviour who could fill her and set her free.

The poem that will follow this particular blog in part two was written after heavily meditating on the afore mentioned biblical passage. I happened to write the poem at 2 am in the morning. I am not quite sure why thoughts come to me in the early am hours when no light of day is shining!

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