"Never Fade Away"

Lord you are always near. Your voice so sincere...so desperately I seek to hear!

Sometimes I seem to fade away. Into life's background noise... I become disoriented. I didn't know that I was drowning you out with all the world's sounds and vices.

I've learned I must continue to live as Christ, even through the quiet seasons. I must never fade...never fail to listen intently.

When You appear...You are glorious! My Shepherd, crown in His hand, to bestow upon me. He holds the crown of glory that will never fade away!

You've called me to stand up. Your glory I seek to aquire. The world is becoming less desirable to me...Your heart oh Lord I am running after. Nothing else in this world matters...only You I seek to call my own.

Let me never fade away...in You I will remain!
~ 1 Peter 5:4 ~

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