A She & He Road Trip

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That's right. I'm waking up early tomorrow morning to head out on a road trip. Sigh. I adore long road trips, as long as I have plenty of cd's, books, coffee or sweet tea to keep me fueled up along the way I'm a-okay. A word of warning though for any of you who are possibly going to be taking a road trip this Summer: Don't try Sushi that is piled mile high with Wasabi for the first time while zooming down the interstate at over 70 mph. Yeah, it's just not smart. And if you know me then you know that I couldn't possibly be talking from experience here, right? 

Anyway... Luckily I had three days off in a row from work this weekend/coming week...and my boyfriend is getting ready to start back at school before you know it...so Jared decided to ask me if I'd accompany him on a nearly-five-hour-long-road-trip to go visit his dad, mom and younger brother for a couple of days on the other side of our beloved state while we both have the time to. And of course I said, yes! Because I LOVE ROAD TRIPS, remember?

That said, I may or may not be hanging around Blogger for quite a few days. We'll see...

Well, I suppose I ought to go finish packing my 15,000 suitcases bags for mine and Jay's road trip. You should know that I absolutely abhor packing for trips. It takes me hours, heaped upon hours, to pack all of my things whether I'm going on a 2 day trip or a week long trip. Yes, I struggle to just get it done and I have no clue why. Call it an absurd trip disorder or a strange quirk if you like, but it's the truth. Do you think I could hire a personal luggage packer, instead of a personal shopper? Just wondering. Okay, really now. I'm off to pack in just a minute...

Wanna know something completely random? I heard a lot of squawking when I started writing this post emerging from our garage so I went to go see what all of the fuss was about. Yeah, our chickens decided to break loose from their brooder box and declared their independence as free range chickens instead by perching on top of the brooder box. Gah, those silly feathered female fiends crack me up!

I'll be back after I survive thoroughly enjoy my road trip with my handsome guy. I hope you all have a wondy-ful weekend! ;)

-Sarah Elizabeth

P.S. - I also added a booklist page (located underneath my header) to my newly designed blog. Check it out.


  1. Sounds like fun! Have a blast! Weekend road trips don't come around all that often for many of us, so you have to savor them! :)

    And just to make you feel a tad better, I totally get the "bag packing disorder" or whatever you'd care to deem it! I told my husband last time we were going out of town, that I really dislike trying to pack for a trip! I don't know exactly why. Unpacking isn't a breeze, either! haha But the TRIP is worth it!

  2. I love road trips. Hee hee...was that your first Sushi, or just the first type? I <3 sushi. :D

  3. Hope you've had a good trip! My wife and I love going on road trips. Most of them are only within a couple hours of our house, but it's stilla bit of a drive. We're hoping to take one or two longer ones in the next couple of years.

    Oh, and I like the new blog design btw.


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