The POTO Tickets Have Been Purchased

Yes, I am going to see the Phantom Of The Opera 25th Anniversary Live show at the *movie* theatre mah dears! To say that I am excited about Jared taking me out on a date to go see THE PHANTOM is hugely understated because truthfully I am beyond excited right now!

I've dreamed about seeing the actual live musical production for so many years now, that this is honestly a dream come true. And while I know that this is not LIVE it's live and that is seriously good enough for me. Maybe one day I will be able to see the production in London (for real) or even Paris. That would be heavenly. Until then though this - going to see it live in the movie theatre - is the best thing ever!

my beloved poto program and audio tapes

When I was around 8 I had the opportunity to go see the actual live production of POTO in Raleigh, NC, but sadly I thought that the phantom might have scared me a little and I backed out of going at the last minute. My mother went in my stead and brought me back a lovely production program and booklet. I have held onto that program booklet and cherished it for many many years, flipping through it's beautifully haunting photographs.

Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford 

My not having attended the best live musical on earth ever, I fully admit, is a day that I regret wholeheartedly. Ever since I had missed my chance to go I've listened to the old original London cast audio tapes from 1987 of POTO, the one with Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. (Actually I am listening to the tapes right now.) I think listening to the tapes is what has kept me sane for all of these years! 

I've dreamed a dream and thought of it fondly....

I was the little girl who belted the songs from Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Rigoletto out loud for all to hear from within the shower...loud enough surely for the birds outside to have wanted to cover their ears! Yes, I am a musical lover and enthusiast. 

Random things about the Phantom and me:
  • I can play Think of Me and all of the other songs on the piano.
  • I can also sing them in French.
  • I still listen to the audio tapes...surprisingly they haven't died yet!
  • Organ music gives me the shivers.
  • I own the novel by Gaston Leroux, but sadly have never read it all the way through.
  • I still sing POTO songs in the shower.
  • The POTO program is one of my most prized possessions. 
  • Joel Schumacher's The Phantom of the Opera is brilliance.
  • Secretly I want All I Ask Of You to be played at my wedding.
  • Lon Chaney as The Phantom is scarrrrrrryyyy.
  • I've watched the movie version in French, Italian and Spanish.

Thanks for listening to my long winded Phantom rant ya'll! I'm so excited and October 2nd cannot come quick enough! (I'll make sure to tell you all about it!)

So, what are your favorite musicals? Are you a fellow Phantom Phan?


  1. sweet, I am glad he bought tickets and is taking you! awesome! i knew you would want to know if you didn't already!

  2. Yes, I'm glad he is taking me too! So glad. You have no IDEA just how glad. Thanks for telling me about the event of the century, Lyn-Love! Without you I'd still be in the dark about this wonderful event.

  3. Wow!!! You are a bigger fan than I thought! :) But that's soooo cool! I'm so excited for you! I love that you can play the songs on the piano...and sing them in French! I do love the movie (with Gerard Butler) and the songs, but sadly that's all the POTO exposure I've I'd hardly call myself a fan! :)

  4. *sheepishly smiles* Yes, I am.

    Well, that is a great start, Mere!

    Gerard Butler is a fabulous actor and a really good Phantom. Did you know that nearly ever person in the Joel Schumacher movie version sang their own parts, including Gerard Butler? Minnie Driver "Carlotta" was the only person in the cast who did NOT sing her own part. Emmy Rossum is totally fab too as Christine Daae!

  5. I love this post. =D I'm a huge, huge musical theatre fan--I've seen the 25th anniversary production of Les Miz live in Cleveland this past April. Absolutely stunning. POTO and Les Miz are my two favorite musicals ever!

    Have fun seeing the first Phantom concert at the movie theatre! I wish I could!!!! Will have to catch some of my favorite songs via Youtube I guess. ;)

  6. I bet that production of Les Miz was UH-mazing! I went to go see Les Miz for my 10th birthday in Myrtle Beach, SC and I had the time of my life! That show is truly amazing as well.

    Did you know that they will also be having showings on the 5th, 6th and 11th of October in theatre's as well?

    You can find more info about the event here:

    ...or here

  7. my daddy took me to NYC to see Phantom for Father's Day in 2009. it was our last hurrah, just the two of us, before he walked me down the aisle five months later.

    we still talk about how amazing it was. <3

  8. Oh goodness that is just too sweet, Rachel! I bet you two had the time of your life. ;)

  9. When I was seven or eight, my dad took all of us to Toronto to see the original cast production. We bought the tapes and CDs of it, too, so I've listened to those for years. I used to sing along to Christine's part all the time and the only notes I couldn't hit were the last few at the end of "The Phantom of the Opera." I haven't listened to or sung to the soundtrack in a very long time, though... I should pull it out again soon!

  10. Oh my goodness, how awesome is that!? I bet ya'll had a blast! Girl, I used to pretend I was Christine! haha


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