white happiness, black sadness

Today was full of white happiness and black sadness.

There were quite a few happy, shining moments, and a lovely little brown package awaiting me when I got home from work today. I spent time talking and laughing loudly with my sister and momma as we watched I Am Number Four and nibbled on cheese and crackers and afterwards on crepes filled with chocolate and fresh strawberries. And then my dad called. I watched, anxiously, as momma's eyes started to brim with tears while I overheard dad struggling to talk on the other side of the phone line. It was then we knew... 

My Mimi's (my dad's mother/my grandmother) heart is giving out and she doesn't have much longer to stay with us. It scares me to think that she has only weeks to live, so the doctor's say.

Your prayers, dear followers, would be very much appreciated. 


  1. Oh, Sarah, I am so sorry! I lost my own grandmother a few years ago and it was so difficult. Grandmothers are really special people!! You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts this week! Sending a big HUG your way!!

  2. dear Sarah, I know how your heart aches for your Mimi's all around condition (physical and otherwise), we will be praying for her, Gary, your dad and family. I love you.

  3. I am praying! <3


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