My 23rd Birthday + Giveaway Winner

 My little sister made me a super cute and very yummy owl cookie cake for my birthday! 

 I got a new tote bag ( that came with my bottle of Wonderstruck *oh-my-gosh-love* perfume) and thought I'd strut around the house with it on my shoulder before my handsome love showed up to see me.

My sister took a few photos of me outside while I waited for J to arrive. The photo on the right not only embodies me, but it totally embarrasses me too. I'm just a goober at heart...whatev's! 

My sister said I needed a "nude" lip-gloss, just because. Needless to say, I totally giggled at her when she said it because she was sooo serious about it and because I'm just such an adult sometimes. ;-) Isn't the bird ring adorableness on steroids!? I happen to lurve it!

 Momma and Daddy surprised me by getting me The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren. I recently read Waterfall (on my Kindle), which is available on Amazon for ONLY $3.99 for the paperback edition currently, and fell totally head over heels in love with Gabi, Lia, Marcello and Luca. I can't wait to see what happens to the whole gang next!

 Momma and Daddy also got me the Studio Ghibli film Tales from Earthsea, which just so happens to be a favorite story of mine. I adore well done...Hayao Miyazaki films in particular because he's the best of the best...anime films. This film was directed by his son, Goro Miyazaki. I have to say that daddy would surely be proud, Goro. Way to go! Oh, and in case you were wondering the story is from the Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuin. If you love Fantasy books then you MUST READ LeGuin!!


I used my iTunes $$$ on The Village, Lady In The Water (a few songs), Coraline (only one song) and the entire Love Never Dies (ahem, Phantom 2.0) soundtracks. Ah, good writing music, no?

 The granparents all sent money for me...which is great because I really need some more clothes for work and the summer-time.

 Yes, I'm dopey and had to take a photo of my Wonderstruck perfume bottle because it's totes lovely and smells amazingly wonderful!

 That guy up there, ^^ yeah the really handsome one, well he's my favorite present ever. Just so you know.


J brought me the most beautiful red roses for "His Red" (as he likes to call me) and two books that I'd been desperately in want need of: Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon and The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry.

My J is such an awesome artist. Look at my nickname written on my card  up there ^^ Awesome, right!? I KNOW!!! And he even sketched a little caricature of himself on the inside of the card with a look of surprise and a very quizzical brow about him...yeah, it's cute.

Yup. That's the crazy-awesome super-cute and totally-true card my love got me for my birthday. ^^

I got my sissy to take a few photos of me and J on the front porch before we headed out of town to eat at Olive Garden (that was the best food I've eaten in a loooong time, people!) and shop around for the day in G-town.

 While the crew (Grandma, Momma, Mary, J) and I were out and about after eating scrumptious Italiano for lunch we decided to go and peruse through ALL of the BLU-RAY movies at Best Buy. I ended up buying TRON: Legacy and The Help with a gift card that a friend had given me for my birthday. Boy, my movie tastes sure are varied, aren't they!? You can't get any polar opposite than the world of the grid  versus the Mississippi, right? Yeah, that's what I thought think too.

I had a dear family friend send me a really cute bird filled e-card with a code for a $40 Amazon gift card. I was beyond excited lemme tell you, because I already knew what I was going to get with that $40: BOOKS! And lucky for me when I went to go place my order most of the books on my list were nearly HALF OFF the original price AND some of them were Hardbacks that I got for half price too. I clearly prefer hardback novels, if you couldn't tell that already. I nearly squealed with excitement when I saw just how many books I could get off my need-to-buy list. Yes, seriously. I guess it was just my lucky blessed day, huh!?


J, the family and I spent the evening, after we got back home from our outing, eating cookie cake with neopolitan ice cream accompanying it nicely, and watching tons of Blu-Ray movies on J's Blu-Ray player that he got from his parents for his birthday a couple of weeks ago.

 All in all it was a wonderful birthday, filled with love, laughter and quite a few lovely gifts that are right up this restless bird's alley! Oh, and we had running water and electricity and NO STORMS (like last year), which I was super thankful for! =)

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Kristin from Sew Technicolor

Kristen commented

“ My most memorable birthday so far was my sweet 16th. It might sound cliche, but it's true. My parents threw me a surprise birthday and invited tons of family, my new homeschooling friends, and my closest friend from public school that I hadn't seen in a long time. The party was Elvis-themed. My cake and cookie-cake featured a record and a VW Beetle. And even though my grandma was sick and I thought she couldn't come, my uncle pushed her in her wheelchair (she lived next door) over to the party for a few minutes. :) It was a wonderful day!  

Congrats on winning, Kristin! 

Ill be e-mailing you soon. 


 Thanks for all of the happy birthday

wishes, everyone!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday! Especially with all of those books that you got- I'm a bit jealous. :) I've heard a lot about the River of Time series...I definitely need to check it out! And I love your adorable owl birthday cookie.


    1. I did have one of the loveliest birthday's ever! I know...Books always make birthdays better, in my opinion. You should definitely get a copy of 'Waterfall' if you love: Adventure. Love. Time-Travel. Hunky Knights. Italia. Swordfighting. Archery. A fellow "Curly Girl" {Gabi.} Sisters. References to Dante Alighieri's 'The Inferno.' The Medieval Age.

      Yes, my sister did a wonderful job on my cookie-cake! I'm so thankful to have her sweetly talented baker-self in my life, and my belly is thankful for her too! Haha!

  2. I am so glad you had a super wonderful birthday, Sarah Elizabeth! May the rest of your days be just as happy :)

    1. Thanks for the HAPPY WISHES, Faye! I'll take 'em! ;-)

  3. ACK! You got the River! Can't wait to talk Tribe with you, girlfriend!

    Happy, happy birthday! :) Again.

  4. Ooh I have the first and second River of Time books :) You got some seriously good presents! I literally just requested those books! (The Peculiars and Mermaid) Happy belated birthday...and that is one cool cake! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8