my busy bird life

{ me + jay  // being super silly on clingman's dome }

yes, that "busy bird" has been me for the last couple of weeks now. between working 40 hours this week (it's inventory prep-week at the bookstore), having to say goodbye to my love for a whole entire week (he went to the beach with his family and i am so stinkin' jealous he got to go and i didn't), reading various books for upcoming reviews, spending time with my family that stopped in from new york/florida, and traveling back and forth between south carolina to look around the city (and all it has to offer "living-wise"), and then going on a day trip with my family (plus my boyfriend and my sister's boyfriend) to tennessee to visit ripley's aquarium and hike to the top of clingman's dome on the blue ridge parkway, i've been one very busy young lady and have forgotten and completely neglected my poor blog for far too long. 

oh, and don't forget the laundry! dear, lord, i have neglected my laundry for far too long too. sigh. laundry mountain is beside the point...forgiveness for my busy-bird absent-from-the-blogosphere-for-far-too-long-self, anyone?

if you are still reading this that must've meant that you've forgiven me and have welcomed me back to the nest with open arms. am i right? please, oh please, say i am right!

{ me + rachelle // at she speaks last summer }

hopefully (after july 15th) things will slow down and then this restless bird will finally be able to rest her wings for a bit and get back to writing on her blog and current wip novel. and i am also immensely looking forward to getting to spend time with my she speak's sister/blogger pal/writer friend when she comes to visit me the first week in august. sigh. i cannot wait to visit and chat it up with you, rachelle!

ahem. moving onward...

i'd really love a lull in this cycle of super busy-craziness, ya know! and while the last couple of weeks have been so intense for me time-wise, lack-of-writing-time-wise, family-wise, emotionally, physically and mentally i actually had a lot of fun living through it all. i think sometimes life just comes in these cycles of crazy-business and then it lets down for just a mere moment only to let us find ourselves, our sanity and our peace once again, but then it's just back to the crazy-busy-yet-also-exceedingly-wonderful-stretching-growing-learning life right after that. i praise the lord that i am finally starting to embrace this life i've been given to the fullest and have been able to accept the fact that i will always be the restless peace-seeker through it all. 

so, all that said, i'm back and i'll be sure to check in again in a week, or maybe two, again.

remembering to find my peace in him (and forgiveness in you ;),
sarah elizabeth


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2012

    I can *totally* relate to your last paragraph-with-all-too-many-hyphens! ;)

    1. well, i did go a little hyphen crazy, now didn't i? but that's just how crazy it has all been, really. ;-)

  2. I totally get the super-crazy-busyness your perspective, Sarah, and the fact that we can find joy in the spinning. :)

    Yeah! I can't wait to come visit you, either!!



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