And He Would Walk 500 Miles...

*that's my guy right  ^^ up there*

Okay, so Jared's  not really gonna walk 500 miles to see me, but he is going to drive nearly 5 hours today to come visit me for the weekend. We're planning on having our "date day" tomorrow up in Asheville.
*paint me uber excited!*  

...because this song makes us both insanely happy...
Jared, this song goes out to you, love!

Alright, alright. I'll explain what this song means to me and Jared just so you lovely ORB readers don't feel left out! *wink* Honestly, I'd hate myself for it if I left ya'll out of the loop! Really, I would.

Jared and I both love this song, but both for very different reasons. Jared loves this song because it's an ongoing joke on How I Met Your Mother...something about this song getting stuck in the tape player in a car on a road trip...which is one of his favorite tv shows of all time.  I'm not exactly sure why he loves this show so so so much, but he does.

And I adore this song not only because it is just so darn catchy and gets stuck in my head for days on end after every single time I listen to it, but also because this song opens up the movie Benny & Joon which is a (CLASSIC!) favorite of mine AND the song is by The Proclaimers which is a Scottish Rock 'N' Roll band. And who can hate a Scottish Band, right!? Because I sure can't.

/ / /

So what do you think of the song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)? Is it stuck in your head yet?

I hope you all have an amazingly blessed weekend that is full of love and joy and peace!

the somewhat-restless-for-her-man-to-get-here-gal


  1. I like that song (though I think the video is awfully cheesy, LOL), and I love Benny & Joon! I hardly ever hear of anyone who's seen that movie. :) The Johnny Depp hat scene in the park is *amazing*. He is so awesome in the whole movie.


    1. Yay! For The Proclaimers AND Benny & Joon! I know, Kristin! I hardly ever hear of anyone else who has seen/liked that movie, but I just so happen to find it a Charming-Classic! Ah, yes. The park scene is one of my faves.


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