and so her soles bleed into soul

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one word-become-flesh has left her feeling broken in days most recent.

she is caught behind hedges of doubt, and fear, and the phraseology of but what if i'm not good enough? 

do you hear her, doubt? do you hear her, fear? do you hear her, what if's? 

she is fierce. she is woman. she is brave-heart, despite all her fears.

/ / / 

will you be sure to remind her of that when she has long since forgotten it to be true?

because she is beautiful and brave, despite it all.

/ / / 

so she begins to harness her fears - climbing the hedge wall, she brandishes the word brave-heart upon her fragile flesh.

but fear is still inside her. she's become impregnated with it.

so she begins to scream aloud with every waking contraction, every fear she knows she has yet to birth.

she knew this day would come, after she had come to know life's peace, life's embrace.

/ / / 

fear has found her.
fear will try and break her, choke her, shove her down.
and the earth shakes with her labored cries. 
fear. it stills her . . .

but these lowly fears will make her more than free; more than a conqueror in the end.

for she is trudging into uncertain terrain, her newly branded feminine skin her only map.

/ / / 

she holds power over step after step after step, though she will ask you for permission still. 

and so she walks on, conviction seared into her flesh, through hedge paths and intense labor pains.

/ / / 

can you hear her quickened footsteps now?

for she is pounding the earth beneath her feet with the utmost determination.

/ / / 

do you hear her brave-heart cry, with all its lungy, rigid, thrumming aliveness?

bravery becomes her compulsion, her story birthed, written in the dust laden paths of wildly uncharted steps, and fears made flesh.

and so her soles bleed into soul.

/ / /

she is brave-heart.
she is one made free.
she is on the move.

fear.  must.  flee.

and so she casts her doubts aside, and walks further up and further in.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, bethany. it's nice to "meet you." :-)

  2. Love! Full of heart and feeling.

  3. What a powerful & truthful poem! :) I really enjoyed reading this poem of a difficult and rewarding journey.

    1. Yes, it is very much so difficult, and yet also a rewarding journey. Thanks for the tip off on your blog that April is National Poetry Month. ;)

  4. Wow.. this is so beautifully written. It's so poetic and abstract feeling, but yet I can so relate to it. There's so much feeling and TRUTH behind it. Really speaks to me. Thank you for writing and sharing this, it's beautiful


    1. thank you for saying so, katie. i'm very thankful you saw a bit of yourself in this piece somewhere, and of course for your dropping by the nest. welcome. :)

  5. absolutely breathtaking, Sarah love.

    (also, I keep forgetting to say this, but thank you for getting rid of the Google+ thing that made it impossible for me to comment. I love that I can enter in with you now.}

    1. thank you, thank you, rachel. and, yes, i am so thankful i got rid of the dreadful google+ comments too.


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